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5 Tips on How to Get DJ MES’d up safely this Saturday

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DJ Mes is comin’ to town and all house music lovers are gonna get down!   Toronto legends join forces with the Oakland heavyweight this Saturday September 27th  taking over BOTH floors of the beloved Li’ly loungeFlipside, Mike Gleeson, Miz Megs, Loopity Goofs, Chris Vench and G.Cue are assisting Dj Mes with dance floor desecration while unsuspecting revelers  get down lower than ever before.


Here are 5 tips on how to get DJ MES’d up the best way possible this Saturday.

1) Be armed with smoking section/back of the dance floor knowledge.

In between dancing your ass off there are opportunities to talk to other party goers – some that are friends and some that are future Facebook friends.  At least know who the headliner is and wtf they do to avoid a) not having something to contribute to conversations and b) letting people feel like they need to educate you.

Have you heard of Guesthouse Music? Dj Mes made this label 10 years ago and now everybody who is anybody in the business of creating funky bumpy house is on it.  Sonny Fodera, Dj Sneak, Johnny Fiasco and Chuck Daniels are all included in this funky family and you can learn more about it by reading the DJ MES/Guesthouse profile on 5 Magazine.

2) Wear sneakers.

Dancing is imminent if you have a soul.  DJ Mes kills it yes, but, also, the locals will scuff the loafer of any scoffer any day of the week.  I can personally attest to genuinely needing a sweat towel from seeing Flipside murder it at Cabana to G.Cue showing an after hours how its done and let me tell you, this sneaker advice is not to be taken lightly.  Comfort, support, style, it could save your life.


3)Bring your friends

Well, at least the cool ones, because we all know it sucks we we’re all like “Yoooo, I was at the sickest party last weekend!” and then getting punched in the face for not bringing them. Some people just don’t know the things we know and we have to share the knowledge to save our face.

4) Tip/know your bartender

An obvious one but an important one. Start tipping at the beginning of the night and building  rapport, that way by the time the party is in full swing, along with the traffic at the bar, the bartender may give you preference in the order you get served thus resulting in your speedy return to the dance floor.   Plus they could be hot.

5) Don’t be an ass on the dance floor

Be consistent in the amount of space you take up to dance, don’t try to (blatantly) pick up chicks and don’t be smelly.  Need I say more? I wrote a post on Dance floor etiquette a couple years ago if you are interested in some light reading.

FB Event info:

I’ll be there on  Saturday the 27th at Li’ly lounge… This one will be a rager so take a disco nap!  Bounce + Locol + DBR Recordings = we will party into space.

See you on the dance floor!


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