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QUIZ: Are You a House Gangster?

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Started almost 6 years ago, the House Gangster movement has been the voice of all those preserving the sound and feel of real house music. Djs, promoters, dance floor populators, the House Gangster brand is seen across chests and heads of people who are passionate about house music and see it as more than just a genre….but a family, A WAY OF LIFE.

Dj Sneak, the founder of the House Gangster movement, is not afraid to voice his opinion about what people are passing off as house music. His Twitter profile is alllllways bumpin’:

“It (the House Gangster movement) was created at a point where we were all feeling House music was slowing down. I was started myself to get tired with this all new music called Electro, Minimal whatever… For me, 100% good move from DJ Sneak to create something to bring back motivation for all of us, the House lovers. Some people got confused, this is nothing about violence or gangster bad boys. Just fighting for the sound the music we love” 

Phil Weeks

Mark Farina, Massimo DaCosta and many more djs and producers have publicly supported the House Gangster movement, and the recently launched I’m A House Gangster record label is taking this love for real house music to the next level. The Gangstercast features artists spinning bumpy, raw and quality sets.

So, that begs the question….ARE YOU A HOUSE GANGSTER?

Here’s a little somethin’ to help you determine your gangster status.  I made an UNOFFICIAL House Gangster quiz, for your clicking pleasure!

Are You a House Gangster? Time to find out!

On the subject of real house music…

I’m a House Gangster and Bounce are throwing a jam that is CERTAIN to be a wicked time. Dj Sneak and The Martinez Bros are headlining with Riviera and Manolo playing alongside….I will be there at the #frontofthedancefloor FOR SURE…so come and say hi if you see me.

Event details: Dj Sneak & Martinez Bros @ BLK BOX April 20 2013

See you on the dance floorrrrr!!!



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