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Best Garden Party of the Year – I PROMISE

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Promise will be throwing their 3rd Annual Garden Party at the Lithuanian Community House this Friday, April 11th …your rubber boots won’t know what’s happening to them.

Torontonians have used the most profanity IN HISTORY to describe this past Winter.  Now it is time to say goodbye. Goodbye to one kind of Canada Goose and hello to another by binge dancing in your most spectacular Spring fashion.

Promise has selected just the artists to help you to shake your ass into Spring.

What does Deep House sound like in French? Trick question, but Seychelle will let you know.  Shaking foundations of nightclubs like Circus and stimulating crowds at Piknic Electronik, this Montreal Dj and Producer is the headliner for your garden experience.  Bring an extra shirt – you might lose yours.

Ottawa’s bringin’ the heat too! Brink is no stranger to Promise parties (this means he’s good) so I, myself, am curious to hear what kind of heat he’s bringin’ this time.

Our very own Richard Brooks and Ben Cormier will be throwin’ it down as well.  Don’t sleep, this combo of djs will make for a perfect storm – an April shower if you will.

According to EDMTor, last year was a blast. I forget what lame excuse I had for not going but I fully plan on partying twice as hard and dressing up twice as good this Friday.

Check out Terrence Parker killin’ it  at last year’s garden party:


The Lithuanian Community House is a new venue for Promise, so stay tuned for even more of an unbeaten path that Promise is known for. There will be a photo booth, costumes, drinks, beats, spring decor, good people, good vibes, AWESOME SOUND and there’s one thing that every garden party should have – HOES!

Advanced tickets are still available – hit me up at to grab yours before they are gone.


 See ya’ll on Friday!