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Bounce By The Lake – Canada Day …and more

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Sunday July 1st 2012 was a day of amazing sunny weather – perfect conditions for Bounce By The Lake Canada Day Beats and BBQ Picnic. My Bahamian bestie Ben was in town, so I had a partner in crime to tackle the day’s adventures with. We started walking toward Cherry and Lakeshore…let the games begin!

Judging from the last Bounce jam I attended during the Victoria Day long weekend, I thought it would be best to show up early because of how quickly Keating Channel Pub gets rammed. At around 2:30pm Ben and I strolled through the doors very, very early.

This Bounce party had a serious setup. To get in there was a proper security check and a ticket scanning point outside. Once inside, there was a dance floor on the right with rotating djs (at the time it was Jeff Button), and on the left there were big screen tvs with seating for all the soccer fans.  There were a few people sitting watching the game and a couple people at the bar.

Outside there was the regular picnic bench set-up. I looked around…I could hear the music but I couldn’t see where the DJ was. I followed my ears and it lead me to the east side where there was fencing to make a huge parking lot dance floor! The DJ Booth was raised on a stage complete with white panels which, as demonstrated later on, were lights.

There was also a second bar outside as well as a BBQ set up. Portable toilets were also set up behind the dj stage.

I believe the opening DJ outside was Alvaro G…he played some tech-house beats while Ben and I did some meet n greetin’ with the usual suspects that would be there so early. Other than a couple DJ’s, promoters and soccer game watchers, the place was empty.

The sun was blazing and Ben, I and a few others assumed our positions as we started dancing to Miz Megs and GCue‘s set. They set up the mood with some more tech-house, tracks on both the light and heavier side..their set had balance in preparation for what was to come.

Alieninflux did a wicked job with the sound system…as per usual.

Mike Gleeson was on the decks next. The first half of his set was  on the lighter side with lots of vocal-y tracks and then he got into the grimier beats with stronger bass lines. By this time Dj Mes and Dj Dan were milling about…checking out the set up and wandering to the bar etc. How exciting!

Ben and I went inside to check out Preacherman. It was fucking hot out and a little time out of the sun was much appreciated. Preacherman was playing some deeper house than he usually plays. I think the inside was meant to be more low key than the music outside. There were cds of Preacherman’s mixes available…such as (I think):

I believe it was around 6 that Dj Mes came on. By this time more people were dancing…I attribute this to the following factors:

  1. The soccer game was over
  2. Fuckin’ Mes was on!
  3. People got drunk enough to participate in some daytime boogieing
  4. Digital dreamers were checkin’ out the REAL Canada day party

Mes was playing some soulful and jackin’ house on the lighter side. Totally appropriate for the flip floppers in the sunshine. I was bumping into so many of my dancing buddies and making new ones…the front of the party was full of move busters.

As Mes’s set went on, more and more people came in. As the sun went down Mes was riling up the crowd for the one and only Dj SNEAK! The order couldn’t have been better because Sneak took us a level heavier getting more into the jackin’/tech-house style.  I stuck around and danced for a while, but I was getting hot again and this guy kept standing really close to me and creeping me out so I went inside.

Sleazebot (Jeff Button and Rich Hope) were on the decks and laying down a wicked deephouse/minimal set. There were a fair amount of people dancing too. It was a welcome break while Ben and I waited for DJ DAN come on outside.

The time came. I don`t know what time it was, but it was dark and the light panel on the stage was blinking away. Dan was playing in his typical upbeat rolling tech-house style. Dan was laying down hit after hit.  For me after a while, it was a little much. I think I needed to take things down a notch or two so I went back inside to dance to more Sleazebot. Ben and I got down for a while, enjoying the contrast from the bangin beats going on outside.

I went back outside to check out Justin Martin. Justin is an all time favorite of mine. I like how sometimes he can play on the deeper/jackin side and others he can lay down some dirty house beats. This time he was playing bass lines so thick and dirty you could almost rinse out to them. It was awesome, especially after a long day, strong beats are what we needed to stay alive! I had such an awesome time dancing to his set. IMO, Justin Martin was the best performance all night. By this time I had found a sweet spot with all my dancing buddies which was a barrel of monkeys…including Anne Cross who is always a good time 😉

It was around 11:30 and I wanted to go home and change my sneakers before heading to the after party. Ben and a couple merry partiers joined me and we made it to 292 College for about 12:30/1.

The place was pretty much empty when we got there but within an hour or so people were filtering in…lots from the bounce party, actually.

The openers were the djs from as Wes Bonaventure, Jeff Breen and Oscar Monsanto . The music was a bit of a mix between tech-house and deephouse all night. Dj Mes, Dj Dan and Justin Martin showed up and they shared djing duties between each other and the boys.

Here is one of Wes’s tracks that I got down to:

Ben and I lasted until about 4am. It had been a long day. Thank GOD Cozo wasn’t open yet (sorry Ben).

A track that I heard at least twice throughout the day/night is Worst Love by Robosonic:

And that’s my review, folks.

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