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Busiest Big Hooters in Toronto: The NightOwls

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The Nightowls, aka, Mark Beshai and Jeff Webb haven’t been getting much sleep lately. Toronto is hearing and seeing more and more of these DJs/producers with every gig played and tune signed.

Since the last time I wrote about The Nightowls, when they were celebrating their first released EP in July, they have been busy spreading their love of goonhouse for all those who can handle it.

During the past six months The Nightowls have played at least a dozen gigs all over the city. The pair of feather-rufflers have been throwin’ it down alongside international house music heavyweights like Eddie Amador and Mario Ochoa, which, in my books, is evidence that they must be doing something right.

Their Big Hooters podcast, which was started in September, has been something I look forward to every two weeks.

In October another notch was made on their release belt with Keys To The Delorean out on 6n7 music, but so far,  2013 has seen the owls beefing up their beatport profiles individually.

Mark Beshai has had three  releases so far this year; his EP called Shake That on Dual Life Records, Touch of Madness on Bullet Proof Records and Amaxpres Urself on Yaiza Records are out and have been rockin’ dance floors.

Jeff Webb has also been adding more titles with his name next to them this year with Stories Of Betrayal, a goonhouse remix he did out on Moxi Records and Classy Smashed on Vamos Music.  More releases are coming soon, so keep an eye on this Jeff guy.

The NightOwls’ first release of 2013 will be on March 18th on Dual Life Records with remixes from Jay Lambert and Nick Fay. Check out That Owl Swag:

The Nightowls are gaining some serious momentum. Remember how they played a jam with Eddie Amador? Jeff made a tune with Eddie to be released on Citrusonic and The Nightowls remixed one of Eddie’s tracks to be relased on Black Hole Recordings. *pets owls on back*

You can hear The Nightowls…

If they keep going at this rate who knows what I’ll be writing about them next…an owl monocle craze? (yes please, I want one).

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