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Dj Redeyez featured in Canada’s 420 Insider Magazine

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Dj Redeyez, Costa Rican born and Scarborough raised, is a highly experienced and talented Dj stationed in Barrie, ON. Redeyez, a.k.a. Pietro Long,  has been featured in the December issue of Canada’s 420 Insider – a publication for cultured Marijuana enthusiasts. Read the full article here: Redeyez – 420 Insider

I met Redeyez at Toronto’s Bassline Music Bar in December. His knowledge and passion for the industry blew me away…so I am not the least bit surprised that a print mag snatched up his story.

The first club that Redeyez attended is a piece of Toronto EDM history. Club Focus, a downtown party hotspot from 1986-1989 is where Redeyez first DJREDEYEZFUSIONexperienced the music that would inspire him to become the phenomenal house dj he is today. The sounds of Frankie Knuckles, Tyree Cooper and other house legends changed his life forever.

The article goes on in detail about Redeyez’s first equipment and record purchases as well as his adventures working with reggae and hip hop sound crews. He also went to school for music production and broadened his music tastes to include the techno and minimal techno genres, i.e. Richie Hawtin.

With house music as his first and forever passion, Redeyez couldn’t be kept away from sharing his talent with the world when he got back into Djing after an 8 year break. Spring 2010 saw Redeyez get back on the decks and with the times by incorporating Traktor into his craft.

Today Redeyez is one of the most popular djs in Barrie, the city where he lives with his family. Barrie party goers have jammed out to the multi-genre sounds of Redeyez at his residencies at Fusion, At The Five, The Kee to Bala, The Roxx and The Queens Hotel. Toronto party peeps got down to his set that he played at Robb G’s retirement jam at Footwork.

And hey…he’s gotta be straight up BAD ASS if he represented Canada in the Adidas/Sennheiser DJ Competition at WMC 2012 in Miami!

As an avid podcast collector I was happy to come across his podcast:  Ultimate Weekly Jam.

I’ve been listening to his first mix of 2013 as I write this and it’s a banger:

I’m so glad to know another local(ish) EDM gem! If you want to be in the loop of what he’s up to then hit up his Facebook and Twitter.

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