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Dance Music Dance Floor Etiquette

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The dance floor is where we show our party love. This is where we groove, rinse, hop, slide, sway (etc) to express ourselves while we get down to some serious beats! Dance floors come in all shapes and sizes but one thing they all have in common is that they have to be shared with others. I don’t know about you guys, but even if the music is awesome, if the dance floor situation is hairy this can result in serious 🙁

Here are a few strong suggestions that can be used an etiquette guide for the dance floor (Not necessarily listed in order of importance!):

1. Note that is is called a DANCE FLOOR…not a standing and talking floor. Yeah, chatting with your buddies when the floor is somewhat empty is cool, but when the party is goin’ off and the dance floor is packed, nothing blocks a groove more than a wall of still bodies.

2. If you bump into someone, acknowledge them. This is Canada, we usually say ‘sorry’, or sometimes even a smile over the shoulder and an apologetic gesture would suffice depending on the music volume and how packed the floor is. This can quickly diffuse negative vibes created by uncomfortable contact.

3. Be aware of your personal dance space. Moving side to side and back and forth is cool when there’s lots of room, but if there are a lot of people around try not to invade their groovin’ space. If you keep feeling someone touching your back, that means stop backing up into them. If people have to be watching you and moving when you keep moving, its distracting from the music thus resulting in 🙁

4. If you are the type to show off some serious moves (like me),and take up space, be courteous and don’t force people away from the front of the dance floor for your little show. If it’s packed, most people can’t see the front of the dance floor anyway. The sides and back of the dance floor would probably offer more room, people can still see you, and the fist pumpers at the front of the dance floor can pump away without resenting you. Also, the sides and the back is where you find the other dancers with mad skillz…which can be fun.

5. OMG, I can’t believe I reached this far without mentioning GLOW STICKS! I. personally, am not into glow sticks, or glow stick shows or what have you, but for God’s sake, watch the people around you. Getting smacked in the head with a glow stick on a string is embarrassing…and OW! If you have them interlaced between your fingers, that’s the best way in crowded places. Otherwise take your sicks-on-strings show to wider spaces. And please don’t just start giving strangers a “light show” without their permission…they may not be in the same galaxy as you.

6. There’s always a smelly one…or few. Please wear deodorant, take a shower before the party, dab patchouli on your dreadlocks, whatever it takes. If spaces start clearing around you wherever you go at the party….the smelly person is you. Which…i guess isn’t all a bad thing if you’re a crazy dancer and take up space, but who really wants to be the smelly one…hmmmm???

7. Don’t fart on the dance floor.

8. Drums can add or take away from the music. Make sure you have permission from the promoters/dj before you start banging away. Some parties are more appropriate than others for some freestlyin’ conga bangin’. Maybe a quick email to the organizers before the party would be best to avoid 🙁

9. Personally, rhythmic whistling to the music irritates the shit outta me. This is one of the reasons why I avoid The Guvernment. One of my girlfriends flew off the handle at a guy whistling, so to avoid getting ripped a new asshole by a stranger, leave your oh-so-awesome police whistle at home.

10. Clapping loudly to the beat is also annoying. Please don’t.

Ten is a nice round number. If you have anything to add, leave a comment!