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Halloween Costume Tips for Serious Partiers

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Halloween costumes and Halloween parties make for a killer solid week at the end of October.  Women reserve the right to be overly sexy, men reserve the right to dress as women and we all are supporting the economy one ghoulish/hilarious outfit at a time.  However, if you like to hit up real parties and rave it up a little bit, here are some tips to keep in mind before you hit the streets for beats and treats.

1) Keep your fellow dancers in mind:  Dressing up as an angel sounds cute, but those wings aren’t so ethereal to dance floor mates. You be poppin’ moves and twirls and BAM Johnny Basslover gets feathers in the face (not in a sexy way) thus ruining his flow = bad vibes. This also goes for other protruding costume accessories (brooms, weapons, cattle prods) that could potentially annoy fellow jammers.

2) Sweat Proof that Shit!:  Before you put on all that makeup, remember, most makeup isn’t made for people like us who work out moves for hours on end. If you’re a cat, use waterproof eyeliner, I guess blood runs anyway so it could be sweat friendly (?) ….but save the green Frankenstein face for when you’re chilling at home scaring children whilst handing out candy that you may or may not have tampered with.

3) Get those discounts on cover for dressing up:  If you’re dressing up as a hooker you need a visible defining detail like a garter belt with condoms in it….or you’ll be charged full cover for not dressing up because you’ll look like you strolled  in from a night in the entertainment district (that is, if you’re 70’s pimp boyfriend is not in sight).

4) Comfort is key!:  Remember, serious partiers go on serious missions. This includes dancing for hours, walking to other parties to dance some more, ingesting copious amounts of intoxicating substances etc etc. People come to out of blackouts with their shoes missing because they’re damn uncomfortable! Wear shoes for dancin’, if anything you’ll get props for sporting high tops with your sexy witch costume. Furry hats get hot, long-sleeve gloves are a pain to go to the bathroom with (and use touch-screen phones) and heels…well, ladies, shoe-icide is a sin. Wear this shit if you want, but you’ve officially been warned.

5) Don’t be a sexy cop because that’s what I’m gonna be.

Go forth and dress up!



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