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Hatiras’ Album Release Jam WILL BE DOPE

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Toronto electronic music lovers get ready, cuz this Saturday January 18th, some serious sweat is in the forecast.

Hatiras made ‘Message from 04244‘ – a crazy space love story you can dance to , err, I mean album, and the release party at Ryze is going to be out of this world (lol).

Adam K, Flipside and Ticky Ty will be playing alongside Hatiras…If any of you have heard any of these people spin before, you already know that you better take a disco nap.

First time I heard Hatiras play was live at WEMF 2006 in Tweed.  I was pretty new to the scene at the time and didn’t really know what was going on, except I knew that Hatiras was making me dance. I’m not gonna lie, it helped that his name was lit up in big letters because I didn’t forget it – yes I was that clueless then 😛

Have you listened to ‘Message from 04244‘ yet? Do it now. It’s actually pretty awesome. My favourite track is Weed Molly….cuz I’m a raver like that.  Every track on the album is different and I predict that each one tells a different part of the space love story.  What would sex be like in space? Anyway, this album is as fluid and diverse as the depths of outer space.  From the funky hip-hip beats of Madly in Love to the big room dance vibes that Message from 04244 brings, Hatiras has clearly flexed a few muscles bringing this concept to life.  Every track download comes with a video, of what, I don’t know, but keep an eye on Youtube or download the tracks!

Saturday January 18th at Ryze will be crazy good.  A few of us are coming out of the woodwork for this, so you should too. Don’t be lame.

For $10 reduced cover before midnight, hit up Miz Megs at djmizmegs(at)

Here’s Hatiras’ Album Reslease Party Facebook event, click for more info.

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