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Heather’s Birthday Week Reviews: Deep Kiss Tuesday @ Tota

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Deep Kiss Tuesdays are bomb every time! This is why I’m not out of bed until noon on Wednesdays, but it’s totally worth it!

It’s my birthday week…and I have dedicated myself to going to a party every night until at least Sunday morning and writing reviews the very next day. Can I do it? Stay tuned and see.

Me ‘n my man popped into the beloved Tota at 11:00ish. Ella D, one of the Deep Kiss residents, was killing it at the booth as per usual. I finally got to meet the wonderful Dj E.Steria who played later on. Ella D can be heard on the most recent Rebel Mix that E.Steria hosts every week: Rebel Mix Featuring Ella D and e.steria. I just learned of this Rebel Mix bidnizz….*note taken*

The diet coke was goin’ down smoothly as Ella D was dropping some serious tracks. I found myself walking away from conversations to dance! Here is a taste of what Ella D laid down…

Heart to Find by MatJoe: Deep house with sexy rnb-like lyrics? Yes please! All of a sudden the hips were a little looser….lol.

Parallel Worldsby Maya Jane Coles:


Ella D busted out one of her own: What Must I do. Well, its a team effort with Tro, who is also awesome.

Ella D also played They Frontin’ by Catz N Dogz, Monty Luke… TUNE-A FISH ALERT *dance*! I must say, I’m super into Ella D’s track selection lately! The best part is she plays every Tuesday night at Tota. *awwwww*


Deep Kiss Tuesdays are interesting because it’s a hangout of people who are pretty involved in the EDM community. I mean, you have to be dedicated to tear it up on a Tuesday! Or an alcoholic. All are welcome, lol. The NightOwls were perched at the bar as per usual. They have some pretty exciting shit happening for them. They play this Saturday alongside Mario Ochoa at Our House and they have a killer podcast.  You can read all about The NightOwls on

Dj Augustus, who is also a resident of Deep Kiss, was representin’ and taking photos that he so kindly contributed. We were not graced with his beat throwin’ this night 🙁

Next on was e.steria…e.steria hysteria! She also had some wicked track selection, these chicks bring GAME.  I also like watching people who dj on cdjs. e.steria may or may not have been creeped out by my zombie-like gaze. Aight, here’s the run down of what she jockey’d…y’ready?

Interminable (Lauhaus Remix) by Yoshitaca:

Junction – Re.You: This was the first time I heard that track and I found myself sing-a-mumblin’ while I was shakin’ it. Ha!

Dawn (BeeKay Deep Remix) by Lew Ashby: ooo ooo oo!! Remix that I haven’t heard before. Ya, totally wicked.

Time was slipping by and Wes Bonaventure‘s turn on the decks arrived! Yayyy, he’s always rockin’ out when he djs. He even brought a Pioneer 900 mixer that he brought to share with his fellow playerz. Aw, how nice.

The drinks were flowin’ and some more peeps came to join us. Tom leFilth showed up and enjoy’d the cheap drink specials. Yes, there are cheap drinks at Tota on Tuesdays = awesome.

Engage by Patrick Podage: Totally Wes Bonaventure-esque and I love it! This tune had me wigglin’ the shoulders.

Ultraviolet by Denney:

Wes Bonaventure LOVES playing this track: I Want To Go Out (David Mayer Mix) – Terranova, and that he did.

It was getting to the end of the night and Ella n’ Wes were playing back and forth until Tony turned the lights up. Job well done, I must say. Between the three djs the deep house genre was thoroughly represented. mmmmm…deep house.
It was another great Tuesday night and I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off my birthday week.

But WAIT! There’s more! You can get down to Ella D and e.steria at Lady Love Vol 2 @ Our House on November 30thJackie Spade and Karlene Oliver are also on the bill – it’ll be a rager!

The birthday week reviews continue  tomorrow…I mean…today!


Wes Bonaventure


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