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Heather’s Birthday Week Reviews: DIRTY VEGAS and CHROMEO @ Sound Academy

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Dirty Vegas and Chromeo played live dj sets last night at the B-Scene concert sponsored by Mercedes-Benz at Sound Academy. SO many people came out = $uccess!

We arrived at around 9:00pm. After IDs were checked some helpful folk on iPads made sure that we completed the required registration and gave us wristbands. It was a free event to enter, well, at the cost of some personal information…it’s valuable to someone!

Complimentary coat check greeted us upon entering the venue (but sexy people tip 😛 ) and the thump thump thump of tech-house drew us through the doors of the venue’s main room. Bright lights, cars, and lots of branding surrounded us and the place was abuzz with all sorts of people. Dressy upy types, club kids, suits, sunglasses, raverz, older, younger, older trying to be younger, younger trying to be older and all those in between were soaking in the loudest and prettiest corporate party I have ever experienced. Does digital dreams count? It doesn’t matter because I missed that anyway.

Once we got our bearings it appeared that the real party was at the stage end of the room and the section to mill about and enjoy creative interactive activities with Mercedes-Benz all over the place was on the other end of the room, which were actually pretty cool…I’ll get to those later!

Dirty Vegas was responsible for the thump thump thumping and the stage was all bright n’ colourful complete with two Benz’z. They were laying down a variety of tracks from heavy tech-house to a ‘lil mainstreamy to the old school. As promised in the Deekline review, I Shazam’d it up! When they played Tell Us Brother (Original Mix) by Jay Lumen, Gary Beck, I was like…all right! I can get down to these guys! I was a little worried it would be too big-room-cheesy for me, but I was pleasantly surprised. Then they dropped another Jay Lumen track right after that, Drop That – the vocals are my favorite part.

People weren’t really dancing that much at this point with the exception of a couple who clearly came to dance. I was working it out a little bit and I heard “HEATHER?!, OMG, I was like, no one’s dancing and then I saw you! Of course!” Ha, that’s right! It’s so nice to run into old faces….What’s up you beautiful curly haired girl…I was too embarrassed to say I forgot your name. That was not me being a bitch.

I said Dirty Vegas was all over the place right? They slipped in some big room deep trance (yes, I just make this up as I go along) with Allein by Pryda (Eric Prydz) and of course it wouldn’t be a big room party without a remix of Somebody That I Used to Know.

We decided to check out all the cool stuff at the other end of the room. A big paper tarp to graffiti up with markers, canvas to graffiti up with spray paint, a photo – takin’ set up (real technical, Heather) complete with promo models to take photos with, media wall for your own pic takin’, cool funky coloured imitation antique chairs/couches..and some sparkly cars that smelled faintly of vinegar. I’m probably forgetting something but people were loving every minute of it and everything was tastefully branded. Bravo. No, I am not being sarcastic!

Saw lots of EDM peeps at the party, Goldsack, The Gerbz, Charles Gervais, and other familiar party faces were representin’. Oh, and I’m always packin’ Wes Bonaventure.

Another trip to the dance floor and Dirty Vegas pulled another cool track out of their sleeve! Old school track Plastic Dreams by Audiojack was dropped sounding a little brighter than the original! My dance floor mates were pondering is this from ’94, ’96? Some internet sleuthing produced that this was the 20 year tribute version:

Of course, we could not escape a Dirty Vegas dj set without hearing their classic track Days Go By. Rightly so!

Promo chicks threw glowie glasses into the crowd from the stage a few times. Peeps LOVED it.  Charles, co-founder of Techno & The Bunnymen, even used a pair of glowie glasses as a peace offering when he ran into some douce-bag trouble. The raver high road!

How could I forget the candy table! All sorts of coloured sugar was up for grabs, of course with paper bags to load up. How cool….but then as I watched the crowd around the table I realized the bigger picture. Glamour giraffes were prancing around engaging in lollipop mouth play…boys, the scenery was complete!

Candy Ravers!

It was around 11 I think when Chromeo came on. All of a sudden it was even louder! The crowd was going nuts. Their set started out well and they played their Bonafied Lovin’ remix:

A few cool tracks were dropped including Manic by Azari & III. Very quickly the sound went a little big room cheesy. I was fully expecting this, though. Definitely not my cup of tea but people watching was top notch. Grown men in suits jumping and skipping wearing glowie glasses…how can that be a bad thing?

I’m just going to take a minute to say…the Disco Mercedes-Benz logo  hanging over the party was BAD ASS.

If whoever threw this party is reading this, wicked job. Yes, it was like partying in a big commercial, but a really cool one!

Ready for the next party,








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