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Heather’s Birthday Week Reviews: LEE FOSS, ART DEPARTMENT @ Moskito

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Last night, November 23, 2012,  I attended Social Experiment at Moskito and saw Jeff Button, Lee Foss and Art Department totally kill it!

It was my first time at Moskito so I was excited to see what the hoopla was all about. I heard the Dj Sneak and Mark Farina parties were off the hook so it was time to join the masses and see whats up.

By the time I waited in line to get in and then another one for coat check, I got on the dance floor downstairs by around midnight. Jeff Button was playing some nu-disco-y deep house. It was fun watching him mix with all the blinky lights on the Pioneer 900s.  He dropped a super smooth tune, Love by Kollektiv Ost, before getting a little heavier in track selection.

Party peeps were thrilled over the fact that pints of draft were only $4!..but later they found out that bottles were $7 upstairs.

Jeff Button brought things up a notch or two by laying down some serious booty shakers. As I see by HQNO sparked some hootin’ n hollerin’ by the dancers and Jeff kept it comin’.

I was out in the packed smoking section watching the lineup to get in and looking at the people around me. It was a serious party crowd – and not kids! Everyone seemed pretty chill and amped at the same time, as well as appropriately dressed to break it down. I hadn’t made it upstairs yet, but I decided that this kinda crowd knows what they are doing when it comes to partying and I learned the first club tip of the night.

Club Tip #1: If you don’t want to pay or wait in line, jump the railing at the smoking section. Not only was I amazed at this chick’s guts to do that, with all the security around, but also the strangers around her that helped her get  over the railing to safety. Underground club chivalry is not dead!

Going back inside, Jeff Button was playing a real banger. Deep, heavy yet melodic, I was wondering wtf he was playing! Turns out it was a tune of his and Sean Roman‘s – My Love Is True. Click for good time.


Jeff’s set was one bomb after another (the good kind) and the dance floor crew was having an awesome time tearin’ it up.

It had to have been JC himself playing upstairs the way people lined up to climb the staircase to miss out on this wicked set. Oh well, more dancing room for us peeps who appreciate some Jeff Button awesomeness.

I made my way upstairs after Jeff’s set and was taken aback by the sheer size of the place. The huge room was PACKED. And no, it was not JC but deep house saints Tone of Arc. I got to catch the last couple minutes of their live act. From what I saw it was impressive and people were loving it.

Lee Foss came on at around 1:25 and opened up his set with one of his own tracks Electricity.

Moskito is very Footwork-esque, I often heard people around me commenting on this fact. “This place is like a bigger better Footwork!” From what I understand the same owners are behind it, so this makes sense.

Lee Foss was playing pretty hard, but still deep. People were going nuts in the extremely hot bigger version of Footwork. I wasn’t even dancing hard, mostly because of space constraints, but I was sweating like it!

I noticed that the system wasn’t that loud, but the music was killer. I wasn’t the only one who shared this opinion…”THEY NEED TO TURN THIS SHIT UP!” – Wes Bonaventure

The party was bumpin’ and Lee Foss was not holding back. Everyone around me was having a good time and I especially loved when he dropped Love Somebody Else by Maceo Plex (who I fell in love with when I heard a bunch of his tracks at Burning Man) and Jon Dasilva.




I needed to get some air so I went downstairs at about 2:30. Voytek from My Favorite Robot was on the decks. Did I mention the sewing machine lamp on the dj table? LOL.

After the smoke break I climbed the stairs to catch the last of Lee Foss‘s set. When I reached the top of the staircase it was like being covered in a steamy wet towel. Yup, this was a party alright.

I waded through the crowd to find my friends and find a little dancing space. At around 2:40 the Art Department duo assumed the decks. The only other time I have heard these guys play was at Robot Heart at Burning Man in the summer.

I then realized upon closer inspection that one of them is Kenny Glasgow. HOW DID I MISS THAT? This just makes me love them more. Yay, I’m so happy for their steadily growing success.

Art Department continued the deep yet dancey theme that Lee Foss established. I was dancing and realized that I met  one of my fellow jammers  in the coat check line. He then offered me another good piece of advice.

Club Tip #2: Take a picture of your coat check ticket in case you lose it. However, this does not work if the coat check loses your jacket. Which is what happened to one of my gfs later that night. Let’s have a moment of silence for her Canada Goose jacket and Burberry scarf please.

It reached 3:00am and Wes’s request was granted. They turned that shit up!

Things were steaming up and Art Department threw down Rachel by Kink. The big room deep sound was driving people wild…myself included. I was earning my sweat now.

I was not the only one heating up! I turned my head just in time to see another good tip to keep in my back pocket.

Club Tip #3: If you are hot, take your shirt off and hang it from your bra strap. Yes. Bra strap.

People were dancing, sweating, and the crowd was thinning out, but not by very much. This room was full of people who LOVED the music. I made it official that dancing in clubs to great music was one of my three happy places.

Oh, what is this? Rej by Ame, a tune that was big in and around 2007 came out of the speakers. This brought me back…and actually reminded me of Footwork, lol.

It was nothing short of a deep heavy rave that Art Department was throwing down. They had steady buildups but kept it classy. No cheesy effects. It CAN be done! Atto D’Amore by Serge Santiago came on and the sweating continued.

It was getting closer to 5am and people were hanging on to every beat of Art Department’s set.  A dance floor soldier came up to me and said “Steve Lawler is here, he finished up at Maison and came over!” I don’t really know how to recognize Steve Lawler, but I believed the dude.

It was about 4:55 and Deer In The Headlights was flowing through the room. I decided to beat the crowd and get my coat. Plus my knees were hurting! Damn, I turn 27 and it all goes to hell.

What an awesome jam. I now know what the hell everyone is talking about.

I hit up the washroom before leaving and notice my sweat..and think of the cold outside. I then remember a piece of advice that a chick in the bathroom tried to give me earlier but I ignored.

Club Tip #4: Dry your sweat out of your clothes using the bathroom hand dryer.

Danced out,