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Heather’s Weekend Party Picks Dec 14, 15

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Another Toronto party weekend. The Holiday party season is upon us! You may have already started searching for an ugly Christmas sweater, or in my case, finding Christmas decorations to wear (more about that later), but either way, you must get full usage out of your killer holiday look!

Here are my personal party picks for this weekend.



Friday December 14, 2012


I will be there with bells on! Literally!  House of Dust is throwing a serious burner jam tonight at Bloor and Ossington. I know for a fact how awesome it’s going to be because…are you ready for it…..I am half of House of Dust. Imma pump my own party! Ha.

Click here to find out WTF is a House of Dust Party.

Dance dance dance, Imma dance dance dance, reindeer prance, sweat romance, dance dance dance!

I’m a little excited…anyhoo…

The music, of course, will make you wanna move and there will be food and raver tea* to keep your groove until the lights come on at 4:00am!

K-Dust, TAKiN, Jessica Kaera Cho, T-Minus and JD Mack will be taking us on a house, deep house, funk, tech and breaks dancing adventure!

Dress up dress up dress up! Holiday the fuck outta your outfit and show  off your sparkly self! I’m wearing my bad ass Christmas crown and who knows what else I’ll pull out of my box of costumes.

This party is a preview of what is to come on December 29 – LOVE AND DUST.

Here are some beats for your dancing in front of the mirror session as you decide what to wear!

K-Dust is the other half of House of Dust and here is his set from Love and Dust in Tel-Aviv Isreal last week:


Afterward I totally plan on hitting this super old school party thrown by Cymatics


Acid house, house, techno, 90’s business! You have to e-mail to get the party details though :      I think it may be sold out…………..


Also keep in mind, tonight The Deep North is throwing a Label Showcase, There’s a crazy party Get Rich or Die Trippin’ at Nocturne,  and Dennis Ferrer is playing at Moskito. Speaking of Dennis Ferrer I am obsessed with a Nick Curly Remix of his..


Saturday December 15

I’ll be tired as hell Saturday, but I will soldier on to go to…


Jackin’ house always makes me sweat.  #NOSYNC are the new kids on the block bringin’ more jackin’ house to Toronto. I’ll be back at Bassline if it’s still standing after Burnin’ Down Da House the night before!

Jason Hodges is a local jackin’ house superstar. I saw him at the mall once a while back and was like “oohooOoOHoH! That’s Jason Hodges! Do I say anything? OMG, I was only busting serious moves at a party a couple weeks ago he was playing at! Does this make me fan? Wait, have I met him before? Oh, shit…where did he go?” *hangs head*

Oh and did you know that Justin James listened to a Jason Hodges set during heart surgery?

Hodges and the #NoSync crew are gonna tear shit up Saturday night! Click here for more detailz: #NOSYNC JASON HODGES.


But, its Saturday in Toronto, so many parties, and no clones to help me enjoy them all, or wait, that would be them all enjoying me. ANYWAY

Here are more parties of note: The Holiday Love Affair, WILDKATS, JAMES TEEJ, a serious TECHNO party Extended Set Series feat OVI M ++, and one of these days I really wanna check out Dark Rave.


Ok my pretties, I’m off to the dollar store to make my outfit tonight as tacky and sexy as possible! ha. It CAN and WILL be done!





*Raver tea, aka Yerba Mate tea is BOMB.