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Heather’s Weekend Party Picks Jan 31 – Feb 2 2013

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Toronto, have me back, PLEASE! This weekend marks my moving back downtown and back into the depths of Toronto’s sweaty parties.  This weekend has a very well-rounded forecast for all of you who like to get DOWN.

House, dnb, techno, nu-disco, industrial, theme parties….Toronto’s got it goin’ on…here are the jams I would make my way to if I were you!

For  all the parties I could get my hands on over the interwebs check out my Toronto Party Calendar.

Ready? LET’S GO!


Archi-Textures @ Augusta House

Archi-Textures ALWAYS has something fresh, different and danceable happening. This Thursday, Vlsonn is the headliner and in the words of the event posting he “strings together the sounds of uk garage, techno, dubstep and a blanket of darkness.”….Sign me up.  Vlsonn has been featured in XLR8R magazine…which I just subscribed to their podcast TODAY.

BASSMYNT and Sylvermayne will also be flexing their djin’ skills for a Thursday night in Kensington Market to remember. Only $5  – support local talent 🙂

Tunes to pump you up for some Archi-Textures Futura party time…unf, unf, unf!

woa, I didn’t know that was going to be so big.

If you’re into tech-house….ADDY and VIDO will be throwin’ it down at Our House on Thursday 🙂  There’s more going on! Check out the Calendar.



Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Music Festival

Unless you have no Facebook friends, I’m sure you have heard that this is the day the big ass music festival that is going down at Echo Beach starts. Put on your mitts and rave it down to some really awesome artists. Personal faves of mine that will be playing? Oh, so glad you asked! Miss Kittin, Justin Martin (marry me), Dubfire, Osunlade and some super locals like Jeff Button and Nitin.

I don’t think I’ll be participating in this beautiful rave, but I sorta wish I was! Brrrrr goes on from 4:30 until 11pm both Friday and Saturday. I’ll be thinking of all you ravers while I am hauling my bed into my new place.


Jason Hodges ++ Stimulate Fridays @ Any Poolhall



Jackin’ house = REALLY FUN TO DANCE TO….and there happens to be a party with just that goin’ on Friday.  The first Friday of the month, Miz Megs throws a party at Andy Poolhall that house lovers cannot miss. AND since you just paid your rent, it’s only $5 before midnight.

This month Stimulate Fridays has locked down the one and only Jason Hodges to make you sweat.  I’ll be clockin’ some dancin’ miles on my sneakers, that’s for sure, especially with Miz Megs herself throwin’ it down along with G.CueS.A.R.S. will also be playing who I just became familiar with so that’s even more reason to make it out.

Hodges Soundcloud love to help get your butt on the dance floor Friday night:


If you love Drum and Bass, Jungle and BREAKS you gotta hit up Li’ly for Birthday Beats. <<< click that shiot!



OMG where to START?! Saturday is serious.

Carnaval @ Neutral

I will be hitting this up for a ‘lil while on my Saturday party journey simply because it is a SEXY DANCE PARTY…yes dressing sexy and dancing, two things I love to do. There is a Mardi Gras theme happening so I’ll see what I can dig out of my moving boxes in time for this jam.  The music is different than what I would typically check out, but HEY I may as well give this open mind of mine some exercise. Industrial/Electro/80’s retro is what I’m in for *puts on helmet*.

OVI M w/ Opaque Shift @ Acid Lounge (Guv)

TECHNO! *jumps up and down* If you like dirty techno beats then get your ass down to Acid Lounge in the Guvernment on Saturday. OVI M will be spinning as well as some of my local techno faves, Catacomb, Paulina G, and Stephanie Jax…TOCA is also on the djin’ bandwagon for this party.

Allz I gotta say is all of these Djs are SO fun to get down to and Paulina G played for us at the last House of Dust jam and she rocked the shit outta that room.

Here’s some Ovi M to give you a taste of the techno journey you are in for.



Sonorous 2 Year Anniversary @ Annex Wreckroom

I told you Saturday was serious.

DNB lovers you got another awesome party to hit up! Sonorous is bringing out Icicle and Audio to shake up Annex Wreckroom.  Spyne will be spinning a birthday set and Illweather, Trench and THuun are also on the bill.  Getting a ticket in advance is HIGHLY recommended.


Basic Soul Unit is throwing an album release party at Rivoli Saturday. It’s on the list of jams to hit to for me! Techno-y house awesomeness.



And that’s not all! Toronto Party Calendar has even more jams that are going down. I could list more but tbh it’s past 2am and it’s time to SHUT ER DOWN. also has some good party tips on the go.


See you on the dance floor!






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