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Interview: Sonny Fodera

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Sonny Fodera, a quickly rising star in the international house music scene, took some time away from the beginning of his WMC 2013 adventures to answer a few questions about his newly released album, Moving Forward, on Cajual, his travels in 2013 so far and whether or not the love Toronto has for him is requited.

I am so excited to dance my ass off to Sonny’s set at the Bounce party this Saturday March 30th….He rocks the place EVERY time he hits Toronto – I still listen to the set he threw down in 2010 at the dance studio. *swoon* more dance floor memories will be made this weekend.

OK, y’ready?

What are you looking forward to at WMC this year?SonnyFodera_MovingForwardCover

Meeting producers promoters. Also looking forward to playing the Defected, Guesthouse and Beatdown parties.

2013 has been a busy year for you already as far as touring goes. You went to Dubai and England before WMC…what are your personal observations as far as trends in the house scene in those places?

Dubai has some awesome spots like Blue Marlin, 360 that bring guys like Yousef, Miguel Campbell on a weekly basis. England is amazing too, with cities like Birmingham and London, there is this new deep garage house sound taking over there, guys like Disclosure, Dusky bringing this new flavour to the UK . I think deep house is really hitting it off everywhere right now, which is great! People getting right into it all over the world.

You’ve been to Toronto quite a few times, how do you compare Toronto to the rest of the places you tour?

I love Toronto! one of my favourite if not favourite cities to play in. Clubs like Footwork and some of the undergrounds have this awesome vibe! There must be something in the water.

Moving Forward” on Cajual Records has a lot of disco-influenced tracks as well as deeper ones with not a lot of the jackin’ flare that you are originally known for.  Other recent releases, i.e. the “Its Like” remix you did for 1200 Warriors that was out this month, suggest that you aren’t moving away from jackin’ house, so what was the creative process for the album like working with the different artists and coming up with different sounds for each track?  Did you make a conscious decision to steer away from the jackin’ sound for this album? Does this at all relate to the name “Moving Forward”?

I really just want to do all things house. Not focus one sub genre. I came up with the name “Moving Forward” because I am moving overseas to Europe. The tracks came together really easily. All the artist’s were so easy to work with. I really wanted to make this album more of “song based” album less focused on samples but more original. I have been playing guitar and bass for about 20 years and really wanted to bring some of my more musical elements to the table.

What reactions are you getting from fans so far for “Moving Forward“?

Reactions have been great! it has been doing well on Beatport & Traxsource, so I am really stoked

cajual TheHeatherNetwork.comDescribe your relationship with Curtis Jones aka Cajmere/Green Velvet. How did you meet?

We met in Miami last year for WMC, I recently just did a remix on his label (Cajual). I started chatting with him over email and really wanted to get some stuff on his label. The first ep I did for him did really well so we started working on stuff together. We are really chilled on a personal level now too, he is a great guy and I am absolutely stoked to be working with such a house legend.

2013 will see more of your EPs being released and the internet tells me a downtempo album is in the pipeline. Any comments on the newer releases of what they will be like?

I have stuff coming out on Defected, Cajual, Beatdown & Guesthouse. The sounds will be different that’s for sure, but I will still be coming through some older flavours.. I have about 5 tracks ready for a downtempo LP, not sure when that will happen!

What advice do you have for the dj/producer that is in the trenches trying to make it?

It’s all about hard work and dedication. Love what you do and do what you love.

Well, there ya have it.  Oh, and here’s a review of Moving Forward.

See you at the Bounce party this Saturday where there is a 100% chance of sweat. The location is a secret, so be sure to hit them up via the details on the event link!

I’ll send you off with evidence that he rocked Footwork last year.

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