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Pressure – Human Traffic Vol. 83 Rocked my subway ride this morning

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On my way to work this morning, I decided to make it a dnb commute….I have fallen behind on my podcast and decided to do some catching up. I gotta say,  Dj Pressur3’s Human Traffic Vol. 83 was very pleasing in my ear holes! My ex referred to Dj Pressur3’s sets as dnb for girls, but I like it, dammit!!

While there was a full out yelling match between strangers in my subway car, resulting in a delay, I opted to keep listening to my beats.  I didn’t get through the entire mix, but this track in particular had me wiggling in my seat:

I know that the latest installment of Dj Pressur3’s sets on is up to vol.87, but I just had to share what made an awesome start to my day.