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Review: Burnin’ Down Da House @ Bassline


A Toronto burner party filled with cheer. Burnin’ Down Da House on Friday December 14th was full of colour, glitter and SKIN! Bassline Music Bar still stands, but just barely. Another nice notch on the belt for House of Dust.

I didn’t get to take as many notes as I’d like concerning specific tracks, but I can give you an eyewitness account of the tutu shakin’ that took place last Friday at Ossington and Bloor.

I was there nice and early, I should be at my own party! Being half of House of Dust  gives me the perfect excuse to dress over the top…be the change you want to see the world…and the world needs more tutus and frufrus! I also wore my bad ass Christmas crown that I made at Magic Pony the night before. THANK YOU MAGIC PONY!

Some beautiful volunteers reported for duty and helped get the jam underway. (psst, you can still volunteer for our upcoming jams Dec 29th and 30th.)

Yerba mate tea and the beats we’re a flowin’ while K-Dust and TAKiN were layin’ down some bumpy and deep house  for the early dancers. As the place was filling up, I was pleased to hear Dennis Ferrer’s remix of Underground by Nick Curly, and promptly set down the tea pot and gave my tutu a shake.

Smilin’ party patrons were coming through the door, and many enjoyed the discount on cover for dressing up. Wigs, wings and a Unicorn horn were amongst the accessories donned by House of Dusters and I will add they were a sexy bunch!

Photo Credit: Nuno Serrenho

There were plenty of ladies, which is nice.  Phew, didn’t throw a sausage fest, although I have had great times amongst countless sweaty men.

Photo Credit: Nuno Serrenho

Fresh fruit on skewers were as beautiful as they were tasty and the tea seemed to be a real hit. I discovered yerba mate tea a while back and used it to stay awake to rave longer. I then dubbed it raver tea. I’m still waiting for this new name to take over the yerba mate world.

Jessica Kaera Cho stepped up to a nicely warmed up dance floor. More deep bouncy house ensued. Jessica pulled some newer songs and some crowd pleasers like (some version of) White Horse. The crowd was lovin’ them some Jessica Kaera Cho.

1am rolled around and T-Minus took over the decks.  Everyone had fun while he bounced around between genres. But why waste time describing it when you can hear it for yourself? T-Minus live at Burnin’ Down Da House:

It got hot and sweaty as more silly hats and fun fur invaded the dance floor. Everyone was so friendly, cool and in great spirits considering the space constraints. GOOD NEWS…our next jam on December 29 will be BIGGER. More room to dance 🙂

Photo Credit: Nuno Serrenho

Sylvia kept bringing out some of her amazing food. Her tomato soup creation warmed our bellies and her vegan chocolate bars were sooo tasty. I think the free food is a nice touch, I do find I get a lil hungry when I’m up late and dancin’ n such.

People were dancing, chatting and getting their faces and other body parts painted. It was a nice scene to sit back and watch.


Last call came around and shortly after JD MACK started playing. He busted into some serious breaks sort of dub steppy sound. It was a ton of fun whatever it was. He will be playing in the second room at Love and Dust on December 29th.


People were starting to filter out and less and less coats were on the chairs along the walls. Oh, and  Love and Dust will also have coat check! Can you tell I really want you to come?

A bunch of people stayed until the lights came on at 4am.

Tea pots were empty, food was gone…and I couldn’t wait to hit the sack.

More House of Dust adventures on December 29th! We are also holding an all-day event December 30th with lovely brunch available (for sale)!














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