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Review: Claude VonStroke and J.Phlip @ The Hoxton Feb 22 2013

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TerrenceKissnerTheHeatherNetwork.comClaude VonStroke and J.Phlip tore apart The Hoxton in Toronto on Friday February 22, 2013 with deep and bumpy tech house. The energy in the place was unreal. Thank you Embrace and Platform!

I was very excited to hit this  – I have been a Dirty Bird Records fan for quite and while and this party made up for missing Justin Martin at Brrrrr! earlier this month.

I arrived at around 11:20 and Terrence Kissner was warming up the room. I’ve seen him play a Cherry Beach at least once, but you know how that place is – always a blur once the sun goes down.

The place was just starting to get busy…lots of younger guys.

It was my first time at The Hoxton. I like how it’s mostly painted white, there are enough dark-walled clubs in this city.

Some deep tech house flowed through the system that was a combined effort of The Hoxton and alienInFlux. Some of the tracks were good, not very loud, but maybe that was on purpose as this was the opening set. *shrugs*

Things picked up a notch or two with the last two tracks Terrence dropped before J.Phlip came on. Let the dancing begin!!

J.Phlip assumed the decks and immediately laid down some heavy yet bumpy bass lines and the crowd reacted immediately. Cheers, hands in the air, 1-20130223_004739some dancing where there was enough space – the place was filling up.

I was on the right side of the dance floor (facing the Dj) and it was a great spot to watch everything go down, especially with a handy ledge to step up on to when the dance floor got too crowded. I was working the shit outta the railing that separated us common folk from the sausage fest bottle service area (pictured).

The deep and bumpy theme continued and eventually got more intense and ‘dancier’. Shazam wasn’t shazaming very much *shakes fist* but I did pick up that she played The Boat by Grownfolk , about 15 minutes into her set. If you take a listen the style was very Art Departmentesque at the early stages.

but then…

So there ya have it. I suppose it was more like Art Department on steroids, as described by the person I was with, it was definitely more upbeat, but still steady and thump thump thumpin’….that ain’t a bad thang! Us Toronto peeps love us some Art Department.

The Hoxton was rammed by about 1215, and I’d say about 70% were guys, which can be expected at most parties with awesome music like this. Why is that? Are girls scurred of bass? Boom Boom BOOOO!! “aaaahhh!”

Steadily the energy was rising, and she dropped Trace by Midland. She was layering the hell out of every track and it was super fun. She looked like she was having fun too.

J.PhlipTorontoTheHoxtonTheHeatherNetwork.comI was shocked at how little people I knew at this party…but I did meet a few good people who knew what was up. Shout out to Emily and her hubby Hima!

By 12:50 the crowded dance floor was chanting “J.PHLIP, J.PHLIP, J.PHLIP!” with corresponding fist pumps. So nice to see her being pumped up like that! The first time I saw her play was at a small bar on a Monday night in the summer, after I missed the big Late & Deep jam she played a couple nights before. It was pretty low key.

By the time Claude VonStroke(CVS) came on at 1, to say that the dance floor was primed is an understatement…and the system was definitely loud enough now 🙂

CVS took the party from deep and bouncy to deep, bouncy and booty-shaking. Shazam wasn’t cooperating, but the tracks were fun with a lot of booty bass lines accented with tamborine samples that cast a hip-swinging spell over me.

Before the party I dug out an external hard drive filled with older music  so I could listen to my favorite CVS set – his promo mix from 2006, which, I can confirm, is still off the chain.

Hmmm…and I think the last time I saw him was when he first came to Toronto and played at Footwork.

I LOVED his sound back then, and the sound he was layin’ down Friday night was EVEN BETTER. Bassier, bumpier, with a dash of rave mixed in there.

Speaking of rave, what’s that? A couple of dudes with glow sticks! Wouldn’t be a rave without them 😛 From my perch on the ledge I watch as people even ClaudeVonStrokeToronto2013TheHeatherNetwork.comaccept “light shows” in the middle of the packed dance floor. Amusing.

Man, the beats were so good, including a fun track with some of the lyrics of I’ll House You – “When you’re in my hut, you know what’s up…” unf unf unf!

I worked that ledge spot to some beats that I can only describe was didgeridoo-like bass womps.

By 2am a few people were trickling out the door which was fine with me! I was over ledge-and-railing-dancing.

As soon as I put my soles back on the dance floor I could feel the bass move my hair – good job alienInFlux! *high five*

The bass bins were getting more and more of a workout and CVS was playing with the tempo and keeping things nice n fresh. A few short dramatic pauses in his set always prompted cheers from the dance floor – but they weren’t look-at-me-I’m-Jesus-Christ pauses, they were more like isn’t-this-track-the-fucking-shit? pauses.

By 230 it got Diplo-y for a sec, but that didn’t last long which was nice (for me). CVS transitioned smoothly and it did show that he could play to meet a wide range of people’s tastes in the crowd, including Diplo lovers.

CVS was movin’ the bass train right along and dropped the Eats Everything remix of Justin Martin’s Ruff Stuff. By this time the place was starting to clear out and I was able to bust some moves.

Near the end of his set CVS dropped a track from my favorite set of his from 2006! YAYYYY I was so happy and I cheered my ass off as soon as I heard it coming in, but only a couple others knew what it was so I felt special but old at the same time. Lol. CVS’s remix of Warrior made my night!

CVS ended his set at around 320 and the closing dj took over with the only laptop to be used all night. Meech proceeded to play some familiar tunes; Soul Clap’s Need Your Lovin and some Justin Timberlake tune layered with techy beats.

I danced a lil longer and then joined the coat check line once it was at a tolerable length.

Wicked party, honestly, even though it was mega packed, the music was so good, and the ledge served me well, so I had a GREAT time.

Off to another jam…