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Review: Danny Byrd and A Sides at XS

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On Friday September 21, Danny Byrd and A sides came to Toronto and it was an awesome time! Kudos to Soul in Motion for bringing them out for their ten year anniversary jam.

I lined up and got into Club XS at around midnight… just in time to see my favorite local drum and bass Dj Mr. Brown play his set.  What can I say, Mr. Brown’s sets are always bangin’. Even though he only played for of half an hour he got the crowd properly warmed up for the UK headliners.  He pumped out big tunes one after another. Here’s a little taste of Mr. Brown:

One thing I love about drum and bass crowds is that they DANCE.  Right from the beginning people were letting it rip and it was a ton of fun joining in. Rinsing out is alive and well!

The sound system at XS is UNREAL. One of the first things I noticed when I walked in was my insides vibrating with those mega jungle bass lines. XS is a perfect venue for drum and bass parties, the sound system certainly does the music justice.

The place was filling up and Danny Byrd came on the decks. The crowd went nuts and more people moved to the front of the dance floor. He started off strong and the energy in the place was electric. He played a mixture of new and older tunes, like any great drum and bass dj.  One track that set off the crowd off was one of  his own tunes Ill Behaviour that was released in 2010, it sounded like he played a remix but there was no luck matching what I heard with what I could find on the internet.


Danger D was doing a wicked job MCing. He had great rhythm and interacted with the crowd and the Dj flawlessly. The tone of his voice and sense of humour had the crowd’s attention…especially his interactive shenanigans on the mic such as “When I say Byrd you say Word!” which sparked a smile and head shake from Danny Byrd.

Danny Byrd kept the party patrons on their toes with a sample from Tap Ho by TC that lead into a drop from another track that was equally as bad ass.  He went on to play more killer tunes including the Andy C Remix of Major Lazer’s Get Free and ended up making such a jam-packed hour set I could barely leave the dance floor to get a drink.  Danny Byrd also slipped in the track Niggas in Paris by Kanye West and Jay Z which I hear at every drum and bass party I attend lately.

1:30 am rolled around and it was time for A Sides to keep the party going.  He started off a bit darker and heavier than Danny Byrd. By this time the crowd was properly amped, sweaty and eager to keep dancing.  The tracks dropped by A Sides sounded incredible on the sound system, bringing the vibration of the bass to a whole new level. Danger D was still MCing like mad with no signs of slowing down.

A Sides busted out some more TC with Do you Rock? and mellowed things out a bit with Back Again by S.P.Y. which is newly released.



It was about 2:15 and as much as I did not want to leave, an early morning attending a wedding the next day warranted it.  Even though I was reluctant to leave the vibrations of the Soul in Motion ten year anniversary party, I wore a huge smile on my face as I left and made a resolution to hit more drum and bass events.


Heather out!