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Review: DEEKLINE @ Wrongbar

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Deekline killed it last Thursday, November 15 2012, at Wrongbar! So glad I busted over to Play De Record earlier that day to pick up an $11 ticket.  Thank you Destiny and Electronic Nation for putting together a wicked jam!

I arrived just as Deekline was coming on…so this means I missed Farbsie Funk‘s set which is too bad.  I met him years ago when he was throwing a party at El Mocambo, so he’s been around the scene for a while and I have yet to hear him play. Imma have to get on his soundcloud to make up for that.

I showed up sometime between 11:30 and 12:00. There were a few people there but it definitely wasn’t packed. Most of the people were standing around the edges and by the bar. I was one of the few peeps claiming their real estate on the dance floor. I was wondering if the place would fill up given the huge buzz around Deekline with his Applebottom n’ such. Personally, I wasn’t that familiar with him  but I was jamming to the sets on his soundcloud all day.  I have been living in a house/techno bubble for quite some time but I am expanding my horizons!

Deekline started out with some breaks and was building up to some serious danceable tunes. I was having the best time working out some moves and I noticed that there was less and less room to dance. The place was filling up and the crazy dancers were out! I’m not the best person to ask for track IDs when it comes to breaks…I need to download Shazam…in fact I’m going to do that RIGHT NOW.

Anywho, being a house head, my ears perked up when I heard Deekline mixing in Why Don’t You by Gramophonedzie…which I hear played most by Sonny Fodera, one of my most favorite jackin’ house djs! Some people in the room weren’t as excited as I was, with the exception of JSawh aka Stay Lifted, who contributed the photos. Thank youuuu!

By about 12:30-12:45 Wrongbar got super busy and the dance floor a little crammed but still friendly.

AND THEN Deekline went straight into some killer drum n bass! A tune that set the room off was a dnb mix of Hit the Road Jack…which I think was this:

The crowd went absolutely nuts when he dropped a dnb remix of Bad Boys. I think it was this one, but hey if anyone wants to correct me go right ahead. Don’t worry, I’ll Shazam the shit outta the next jam I review.

Of course the night wouldn’t be complete without samples from Dawn Penn’s You Don’t Love Me.

Deekline genre bended Wrongbar for sure!

Dan Monic came on the decks after Deekline. I think this was the first time I heard him play. Some breaks and some booty tech-house kept the people breakin’ it down. He busted out an M83 track, Midnight City  that I recognized from the M83 and Justice live show in the summer. It could have been a remix, because I don’t remember it being that slow upon listening to it again.

It was a Thursday and I had to wake up and participate in the world the next day(time), so I packed it in around 1:45ish and walked my sweaty self home.

I decided to start asking friends that I see at parties for their two cents of what went down.  However, I’m learning that it can be hard to chase people down after the fact, so be warned! If you see me at a party I might ask you what you thought of it before you leave my sight!

Stay Lifted, who I usually see at house jams was dancin’ and taking videos (to be included) and just as I suspected he had an awesome time. “Deekline killed it! I do like the way he dipped into and between genres. The jungle was nice.”

Richitaaaahhh you awesome dancer, Tom leFilth, who I saw kill it at Tota a few weeks back, I totally saw you there! Hit me up if you want to add anything by either registering and making comments below or messaging me.

’til next time.