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Review: Radio Circus Vol 2. Feat. ELEXTRA

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I decided to hit up a party I knew nothing about Thursday night. Recently I made it my personal mission to expand my EDM horizons in Toronto so I thought the Radio Circus Vol 2. party was the perfect place to start.

I stopped to finish my smoke before heading into Tota, the unassuming lounge at the North West corner of Queen and Bathurst. I think it was around 1130-1145.  I shared some grumblings about the smell of garbage in the summer with a friendly fellow smoker who I found out later was Dick Diamonds. He must of split after our little convo, but turns out he was the opener. I’m a little bummed I missed out because I really liked what I heard on his soundcloud:

It was my first time at Tota. After I paid my $5 dollar cover I headed to the bar to get a drink. There were a few dudes around the bar and a few more patrons at tables on the lower level of the space. Its definitely not a big place but its a good size for a lil jam. The back of the venue is raised where the dance floor and dj booth are. Then I realized I just came to a small lounge spot alone where I didn’t know anybody. Um, this should be interesting.

Anyway, the music was good, some deep house on the techy side. Ya, right up my alley. Some people were milling about and passing by and ta daaa I recognized someone! Bumped into Wes Bonaventure, I met him once at a friend’s house so I pulled one of those “Hey, I know you, remember we met….” Ya, sometimes you just gotta do that.

Oh I was so relieved, not only was he super cool but he knew what the fuck was going on. Jeff Breen was playing…I understand he is one half of Breezno. Two thumbs up from what I heard. His set progressively got grimier and he dropped some tracks with serious bass lines. One of them had me asking wtf it was, apparently it was from one of his friends in Detroit, I’m still waiting for the link.

Next a young hip looking duo came on. I don’t know who they were but they played some fun nu-disco-y beats. They brought friends, it was fun watching them dance about and pose for pictures with their mates behind the booth.

Alright I was a few diet cokes in and 1am rolled around. Time for the headliners Elextra.

I did a lil research before and as I suspected they set up a mic for live vocals…complete with a voice box/emulator! Fun! By this time the place was almost empty. While they were still setting up etc they were playing their track “between us”. It sounded fucking killer, especially when live vocals were in play the second half of the track. From what I gather on the decks was Cosmic JD and the vocalist was Lulolove. I couldn’t find the original of ‘between us’, but here is the Toky remix on Purp & Soul:

They continued on with some totally danceable deep house, and it was fun watching/hearing Lulolove sing while using the voice box. Wes ended up going up to talk to him about the voice box because I was asking all these questions…and that marked the end of live vocals for the night. The place was practically empty so the rest of the time I was there Cosmic JD just kept laying down some beats while Wes and Lulolove chatted.

I would really love to see these guys again when they play to a crowd. I want more!

I stumbled across this set that Elextra did for Hushlamb Free Range Show that StudioFeed put up on Soundcloud:

Overall, the music was great throughout the night. The good news is that throws Radio Circus parties every third Thursday at Tota. Perfect type of party to bring around some friends for drinks and hear some good music…perhaps a little dancing 😉 Keep an eye on the party calendar for the next Radio Circus jam.

The bad news is I am not sure where to catch Elextra again, but I certainly will be checking their Facebook page often.





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