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Review: Flipside’s Birthday Essential @ Li’ly

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Tech house is alive and well in Toronto.  MC Flipside celebrated another year of being MC Flipside in the basement of Li’ly on Saturday July 20, 2013. Underground, exactly where this party belonged!

Myself, and the who’s who of the Toronto tech house scene got down to MC Flipside, Jerome Robins, Joee Cons, A-Divizion, Jayforce, Chris Vench and Miz Megs ’til the not-so-wee hours of the morning.

I arrived at 11:45 while Miz Megs was layin’ down a remix of NU NU. “mmm mmm yeah yeah..” *shake, shake, shake*.  Miz Megs was playin’ it fun and bumpy, perfect for when people were trickling in. ALMOST as fun as her Gameboy dress 😉 1-IMG_20130720_234238

She busted out Black Pussy by Fantaboys before Jerome Robins came on at 12:05.  The beats took a turn for the deeper as Jerome Robins threw on a track with soulful female vocals.

Li’ly did some light redecorating since the last time I was there.  Looks like someone hit up an army surplus store and picked up camouflage netting to give a more patterned look to the black lighting.  Promise is also known for the camo netting party trick.

Jerome Robins amped things up over the next couple tracks but did not lose the soul.  Spiller’s Groovejet, or a version of it, was thrown down and the quickly growing crowd was excited to hear such a classic.

Oh yes he did! Chiapet was dropped and took the jam to the next level.

By this time the place was pretty full, and with familiar movers n shakers in the tech house scene.  It was a pleasure meeting Miss Raquel in person!

MC Flipside came on at 1:00 to a pre-sweated dance floor.  Bumpy awesome tech house ensued and Flipside dropped one of his own tracks that he did with Jerome Robins and DJ PP, Dirty Beats.

“HOW MANY YEARS GO BY AND WE STILL LOVE THESE BEATS?!” Said Flipside on the mic. The crowd enthusiastically agreed.

Then my notes read as such: Triple bass drum unf unf unf, Sax sample, Crazy dancing

*shrugs* I don’t know if I could write anything that gets the point across any better!

A remix of Jack Your Body thumped through the system and a bunch of other killer tracks, like a remix of 99 Problems, and this deliciously bass-y tune that was telling me to  Make that Booty Clap.

Flipside also dropped The NightOwls’ remix of Sellin’ Chickens by Odi Diaz

Technical difficulties produced a silence that was quickly filled with the singing of Happy Birthday to Flipside.  A few smiles, a flashlight and BOOM, the party went on as per usual. #meanttobe

Joee Cons came on at 1 and kept the tech house train a chuggin’.

1-20130721_035931This was my first time hearing him play…I have been meaning to get my ass out to Woodbridge for T2’s the sound of Thursdays!

Sexy male vocals sayin’ “I just can’t get you out of my head…” over a sick beat was totally doing it for me.

3 o’clock brought Jayforce to the decks.  The only other time I heard Jayforce play was at Comfort Zone and he totally ripped that place apart!

Jayforce took the party to the next level. The feel of the music immediately shifted the energy in the room and everyone was dancing.

Watching him play is almost as entertaining as hearing him play. He moves well and interacts with the crowd *thumbs up*. We like this.

Shazam was being a jerk, but Jayforce did throw down a One Winged Dove remix that got the slowly dwindling crowd going. 3:45am is late, but not for some.

Jayforce took things a little darker before handing things over to Chris Vench at 4am.

I hadn’t heard Chris play for a couple years, and it was wicked hearing his new (to me) sound. Techy, dirty and groovy as hell, his set was certainly hitting the spot for so late/early.

He played this one track that had me find out what is was IMMEDIATELY:

Coltrane by Pleasurekraft and Format B


Flipside let me in on Joe T Vannelli’s podcast and how it awesome it is. And I gotta say, he is right. Check out Slave to the Rhythm podcast. You won’t regret it!

Danced til the last beat like it was MY birthday!

Also saw Flipside MURDER Cabana the next day – Sun, bikinis, and Renegade Master.


DBR Recordings = Flipside and Chris Vench

PBR Recordings = Flipside and A-Divizion

AND I’m hitting up BOUNCE BY THE LAKE this Sunday to check out Chris Vench, The NightOwls, Mike Gleeson etc etc etc! (you should come)


Keep sweatin’

Heather Williamz

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