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Review: House for Burlesque

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Forever Lush Events threw House for Burlesque, a skin-tastic, bouncy good time. House and tech-house were rockin Bassline from the time I arrived until I was all lingerie’d out.

The NightOwls, The Beatfabrikators, Rick Logic and D-ash took us up down and around the house music sub-genres while Pretty Penny provided sultry interludes.

I arrived at 10:30pm and Bassline was bumpin with deep and tech-house spun by Rick Logic. There was a surprisingly large amount of people there for 10:30.

There were boas, masks and beads waiting to be donned on tables by the dance floor and the scene was complete with women dressed in burlesque wear. I grabbed some water and tried not to stare as corsets, frilly underwear, fishnets and high heels pranced to and fro. Some of these dashingly dressed women struck up conversation with me and were very friendly, but I figure my shirt (or lack thereof) may have had something to do with that.

Rick dropped one of my favourite tracks, Dennis Ferrer’s remix of Underground by Nick Curly, and I had to shuffle a bit in the emptyish dance floor. It was still early and most people were at the bar.

One pleasant and outgoing Asian lady in a sexy corset was a very big fan of my fashion sense that night and kept paying me visits throughout the night to arrange my top a certain way 😉 I later found out that this bold beauty is Elina Ho Howson, she throws parties at Bassline called Welcome to the Darkside.

D-Ash came on at around 11 with a disco-y start.

More people were coming in and the free jello shots were finding their way around the crowd via a leggy long-haired lady, dressed in sexy attire, of course.

Bassline was filling up and the dance floor was seeing a little more action. The deep and bumpy beats D-Ash were throwing down were doing the trick. He busted out Sonny Fodera and Gene Farris’s Turn Down …nice one.

AlexFreeplayJayLambertA remix of Groove is in the Hood marked the end of D-Ash’s set and the beginning of The Beatfabrikators’ sweaty tech-house adventure at around midnight.  Alex Freeplay assumed the decks and according to Shazam, Tapesh & Sidney Charles’ Never Ending Story was blasting through the speakers, which were too loud if you asked me. Oh, the price I pay to be at the #frontofthedancefloor.

The dance floor was pretty packed and the hats n boa’s were appearing on people’s bodies.  And what’s this? I see a lovely young lady with a painted on corset. Bold!

All of a sudden I’m being told to move to the side….and…yup, it’s time for Pretty Penny’s first performance. Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend came on and the very fit Penny proceeded to tease the crowd, as she wore less and less clothing. Gotta say, experienced some ass envy!

Speaking of ass, it was time to shake it again as Jay Lambert threw down some deep, techy and sexy tunes. Falling by The Junkyard Rhythm Section is such a bomb track and of course Jay dropped it!

Trevor Lambert, the third Beatfabrikator was MCing the night…and was funny as hell. “FEEL THE BASSLINE IN THE WAISTLINE!”…indeed.

130 rolled around it was time for The NightOwls to show us how its done. Mark Beshai was on first and Goonhouse took over Bassline. Energetic techy house beats had the dance floor movin’ and if you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I am a fan of Mark’s arms…at certain angles.

Jeff Webb took his turn and played The Nick Fay remix of That Owl Swag, of course! Tune-a-fishhhh…as Whistla would say. ( anybody?)

Oh, oops, told to move aside again for another performance by Pretty Penny. As I didn’t have to secure my #frontofthedancefloor real estate, I took the opportunity to get some more of the essence of life…..(water).

The crowd cheered for Penny and dancing resumed. Upbeat tech-house got me movin’ again and the crowd was still pretty thick at last call. I reached the #frontofthedancefloor again just in time to bust it to Jeff’s track, Hold Tight, that will be released in June on Mjuzieekal Education as a part of a 3 track EP with Mark Beshai and Adam Nics. *High five*

Jeff threw down another wicked disco-y tune and I asked what it was and it turned out to be Dance by Adam Nics…which isn’t out yet either. OOoh, NightOwls, bein’ all special n shiot.

After shakin’ it to a few more tracks it was time for me to go home…I was hitting up the Sonny Fodera party the next night and needed to get some sleep.

It was such a great party! Thanks to Kim of Diamondz aka Forever Lush Events for throwing such a creative event where I could sweat in something scandalous.



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Pics 1, 3, 4 and the featured image were taken by Grace Cavarra