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Review: John E, Aaron Bradley, Sage, Westsidewax #NoSync Jan 26 2013 @ Bassline

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John E, Aaron Bradley, Sage and Westsidewax laid down some wicked beats at #NoSync’s Stacks of Wax party on Saturday January 26, 2013.  Bassline saw #NoSync‘s best monthly jam yet, as house, jackin’ house, breaks and seriously old school beats caused a few calories to be worked out on the dance floor. << understatement.

AaronBradleyNoSyncTheHeatherNetwork.comOnce in a while I post something extremely late, this would be a perfect example! February has been hectic for me.

For more pics from this party check out my Facebook page.

I was at the party from the very beginning. I was still bunking in Newmarket at this point so,  Sammie J (one half of #NoSync), was kind enough to bring me down to enjoy some Toronto party action for the night.  Redeyez came down with us, so it made for an especially delightful car ride.

Redeyez and I were chilling at the bar while the music was getting started. Westsidewax arrived and proceeded to play tunes from a variety of genres. Some  twenty or so people were milling about by the dance floor while the sound was perfected by Aaron and Sammie.

It was about 10:30 and the dance floor filled immediately as Aaron Bradley brought things up a notch with Mike 303’s Summerfunk.

The crowd was impressive for 1030, I must say. I counted 17 people evenly spread out on the dance floor shakin’ it. Not just swaying and chatting, actually moving their feet and enjoying the music. There was a little jumping that skipped a record, but, that was quickly solved and I sensed a wave of satisfaction that the problem was even experienced…old school ftw!

Aaron was not afraid to bust out the Latin sounds and the crowd was not afraid to dance to it.  He dived into old school, Roxy Blu- esque, disco-y upbeat NoSyncTheHeatherNetwork.comhouse that triggered some hootin’ and hollerin’ from partiers  as they recognized tunes from ‘back in the day’.  #NoSync party people are not kids… I thoroughly enjoyed this.

I recognized some tracks, and Shazam did too! But instead of mentioning them all I can do better than that. #NoSync has a Mixcloud account with most of their party sets recorded! YAYY!

Hands were clapping and Aaron was looking very important on his phone head set, lol. I met his wife while workin’ out some moves and she is sparkly and nice.

Aaron Bradley @ #NoSync Stacks of Wax Night 27/01/13 by #Nosync on Mixcloud

The dance floor was nicely filled and primed by the time John E came on at around midnight. More expert vinyl handling ensued as the crowd closer to the front of the dance floor…but in a non-shoving, respectful sort of way.

Layering his tracks John E set down more old school house and got into break beat and other venue-shaking awesomeness.  This was my first time hearing, well, any of these Djs play, and I was impressed by John E’s diverse and smoothly mixed track selection. The “I love John E” t-shirt worn by a one of the beautiful dancing women was certainly justified.

Pusherman by Bill, Ben & Baggio was dropped and the place went off.  I was doing my best to break it down and take notes on my phone at the same time.  If any of you see me on my phone all the time at parties it’s because I’m taking notes ….so I can tell you how much of a good time you had 😛

A few more awesome old school tunes were dropped and I made my way to the bar to get some water. Someone whispered in my ear that Macauly Culkin was at the party. Sure enough, there he was. Looking extremely normal. I suddenly pictured myself asking him if he ever got my fan mail when we were kids and quickly decided to not make that reality.

John E @ #NoSync Stacks of Wax party 26/01/13 by #Nosync on Mixcloud


130 rolled around, the crowd had thinned out a little bit and Sage came on. I asked him before he played why his name on SoundCloud was SageJohnENoSyncTheHeatherNetwork.comWiseman…and he told me that’s his Tribe handle. Ahhhhhhhh. #NoSync attracted a lot of folk, which is cool.  I joined in 2006 but don’t post very often anymore.

Sage continued to carry the old school torch with some tunes that resulted in more hootin’ from the crowd, but I haven’t been around long enough to be able to join in, so I just smiled and appreciated that these songs mean something to my dance floor mates.

A track with the lyrics Tear the fuckin’ club up was dropped and a front-row dancer started being rough with some furniture in a bravado manner…like he was supposed to or something. I think someone asked him to stop – he may have taken the lyrics too literally….I actually saw this guy on the street since and I wanted to call out “TEAR THE FUCKIN’ CLUB UP!!” but I was too chicken shit.

The Music got a little harder and a friend of mine was ecstatic about Sage’s track selection: “THIS IS JUST LIKE THE OLD WAREHOUSE DAYS IN DETROIT!!!! FROM LIKE TWENTY YEARS AGO!!! I’M 38 MAN, I’VE BEEN DOING THIS FOR FUCKING EVARRRRRR!!!”

Wooo, go Sage!

Again, I could go on about which tracks he played, but the set is RIGHT HERE!  Allz I gotta say is after his set I had Let me show you loooooovvee, in my head for days!

Sage @ #NoSync’s Stacks of Wax party 26/01/13 by #Nosync on Mixcloud


There were a lot of people jamming out ’til the very end! I met some awesome people, and learned a few old school lessons.

I danced pretty hard too and a girl came up to me and asked if I used to go to …what I thought she said Breaks Bus, but I’m sure it must have been Breaks Fest….anyway, she said it was awesome to see people still dance like that…so I patted myself on the back for channeling my old school raver spirit guides fluidly.

I thought Sage was fuckin’ on point. So did Redeyez: “I am so impressed with the way he handled the decks. That guy can play the instrument called 1200’s.”

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