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Review: M83 & JUSTICE…Electro Pop’n in the Rain

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M83 and Justice rocked Fort York Garrison Commons on Saturday Aug 4, 2012.

Myself and my two party gals showed up at about 7:45pm….we missed all the opening acts because of my lazy ass getting out of bed too late due to going to the Sishi Rosch party. But not to worry, we arrived just in time to see the headliners.

I had never really heard of M83 or Justice before, which is a little embarrassing, especially after hearing them perform and recognizing many of their tracks. When two of of my friends pressured me to hit up the outdoor party I obliged….I’m always up for new experiences, especially when it comes to dance music.

Another Embrace party, I was hoping to get rid of the bad taste left in my mouth after hitting up FullFlex Express feat. Skrillex.

Shortly after we arrived, it started to rain. This didn’t bother me so much because I didn’t put nearly as much effort in to my hair and makeup as my friends did 😛 We got fucking soaked and boy, was I glad I wore petal tops!

The rain subsided and M83 came on. The sound was great, their energy was awesome…and their performance was top notch.

M83 Fort York Garrison Commons 2012

Even though I am not usually one for pop electro, the music was of great quality and the crowd was surprisingly douchebag-less. We figured they all went to VELD (which I heard mixed reviews about).

And because of the rain the venue wasn’t a dusty dirt pile! yay!

We couldn’t really see much because we were in the back of a dense crowd, as you could tell from the pic above, but regardless of where we were jamming out, the people around us were super into the music (and their joints).

The band was interacting with the crowd, they probably called out “Toronto!!!” ten times. Everyone loved it…!

I didn’t realize M83 was responsible for this track…when I heard it I was taken back to Holy Ship! where it was played a few times.

M83 finished up after about an hour of performing and then there was an intermission. I won’t hate on this intermission as much as I did in the FullFlex Express review because it started to POUR again…this time accompanied by lightening. Everyone looked like drowned rats. I probably did too, actually. The length of the intermission was probably due to organizers waiting for the downpour to stop.,…or that’s the story I’m going with, anyway,

After a long wait Justice came one. With their cross symbol ablaze on the front of the stage and a bunch of crazy lighting, it was possible to see two man-figures at the table of the equipment.

The producing duo started laying into it full force. I would describe their music as high energy yet tasteful electro. I really felt like an idiot for not knowing them once they played this:

It started raining again during their performance, but that just got the crowd riled up even more. I must say, the crowd was great.

It was around 10:45 when the show was over. One thing I’ll say on the negative side is that neither member of Justice said a word to the crowd and when it was over they just left the stage with music still playing. It was a little weird. Maybe they are intentionally trying to be mysterious but it was a bit cold!

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