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Review: Promise German Sparkle Party


This Toronto party was OFF THA CHAIN. I saw Justin James, LeeLee Mishi and Mark Baker tear it up at Promise German Sparkle Party 2 – The Sequin! Saturday December 1st, The Great Hall had to be the most happenin’ place in the city.

I arrived just before midnight after having dinner with Justin James. If you are not familiar with German Sparkle Party amazingness, please take a moment to watch this life-changing video.

It was my first time at The Great Hall and after climbing the red carpeted staircase (covered in glitter), the main room was ripe with sparkly party people and sparkly party beats.

I caught the last bit of KiKi LeFreak‘s set before Mark Baker (Who I saw bust amazing rhymes at WEMF) assumed his position at the booth. He did not waste any time getting straight into tech-house. Donning his signature disco hardhat to top off his shiny outfit, Mark was dropping one big tune after another.

Mark managed to get in Nicky Romero’s Play N’ Stop before there was sound loss in one of the main speakers at the front of the dance floor. Like any big party there are going to be issues and it’s always interesting to see who appears out of the crowd to fix the problem. Watching the sound issue be resolved gave me a new appreciation for all those sound techies who blend in with the party but are always on high alert.


With the sound back to as it should be, Mark was getting the main room nice and sweaty as I went to see what “The Conservatory”, another room on the north side of the building, was wall about.  There was a live band playing, Pistol George Warren.

I saw a giant sheep and squid. No I was not on drugs, but some creative creature was responsible for these balloon beings. After some investigation after the fact, it appears this creative creature goes by Sheeballoonlagh.

The Conservatory was pretty full, but I wanted to get back to dancin’ to some tech-house so I disappared back into the main room.

Mark was still holding it down and busted out  It’s Not Right But It’s Ok  and the danceable nostalgia did not end there…he played Don’t Call Me Baby over My Lips by Crabizia…which actually went pretty well together. Mark even squeezed in Pump Up The Jam before handing it over to Justin James.

Whoop Whoop! It was my first time to see Justin James play at a party. His name is thrown around relentlessly in the underground-ish edm/techno scene here in Toronto AND I was curious to see what to expect at the House of Dust jam on the 29th as Justin is headlining with Desyn Masiello.

Justin James started out with a sample from German Sparkle Party to get the sparklers all riled up.

I must say, the attire worn by the sparkle party patrons was top notch. I fit right in with a pink wig and sequin dress and I ran into one of my very straight friends who indulged in full sparkle drag for the evening. There was even a drunk Lady Gaga lookalike on stilts…People did not hold back their inner sparkle!

Justin took the party out of nostalgic tech-house land and right into some HEAVY BEATS that quenched my ear thirst.  He took us on a bit of a beat journey, and as he promised at dinner, most of his set was un-shazamable. That’s ok. It let me put my phone down and fuckin’ dance!

Sometimes it was spooky-ish, sometimes it was booty-ish and he even dropped a remix of a classic, Diamond Life. It wasn’t tech-house, or straight up techno all the time, but house-infused techno just about fits what was going down when Justin rocked the party.


At around 2:35am a laptop swap happened and LeeLee Mishi was up next.

By this time the dance floor was covered in sequins, sparkles and rhinestones… and the sheep and squid were deteriorating as a result of some hard partying. I was at the front of the dance floor where people were dancing their hearts out or hanging on to the bass bins for dear life. Both made for some priceless people watching.

LeeLee continued the dance fest and made it a lil more house-y with tracks like Cream by Claptone and another Exploited track Strange by Adana Twins. As a regular attendee of deep house parties I was loving what LeeLee was layin’ down.

It was about three, What I Might Do by Ben Pearce was dropped and the sparkle party was still in full swing. It was after last call, but these partiers didn’t need any more booze to keep them going.

Good job Promise! You can throw a hell of a party.

I put in another half an hour as a dance floor soldier as LeeLee was on the jackin’ deep house tip. There was a bit of a lull in the beats and I took advantage of this to peel myself out of the glittery jam before I turned into a pumpkin..although I’m sure that would fly at a party like this.

As I retrieved my coat from coat check LeeLee played one of my favorite songs to dance to: Entrance Song by Eats Everything. Listen to it and you’ll know why.





A new party weekend is almost here…













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