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Review: Slip & Slide @ Fitzy’s in Barrie January 11 2013

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Slip & Slide have resurfaced into the drum and bass scene straight into Barrie’s beloved party spot; Fitzy’s on Friday January 11, 2013.

I had only caught wind of Slip & Slide through hearing the lore of raves and parties that went down ‘back in the day’. Since I missed the ‘back in the day’ that most seasoned partiers refer to (I blasted onto the scene in 2005), my interest was piqued when I was invited to this jam in Barrie.

Yes, I know I usually cover Toronto parties, but I am in a special situation that has required me to temporarily bunk in with my sister in Newmarket for the month of January. Don’t worry, I’m back in Parkdale Feb 1st.  Sammie J, who lives in Tottenham, so generously offered to rescue me from Davis and Leslie to hit up this dnb jam in Barrie – how could I say no?

We arrived at Fitzy’s at around 10:30 and some old school jungle tunes were rumbling through the speakers. Data Bass Data Bass & Fatewas playing vinyl back to back with Fate.

I had been to Fitzy’s many times before about five or six years ago when I was going to school at Georgian College. Back then I was only hitting this place up for pitcher specials that probably involved wings.

The lowered dance floor was lined with a few junglists. It felt a bit like a high school dance, everyone was standing around the edges looking at each other.

A girl with a tray of test tube shots came around. Wow, this brought back memories!

Sammie and I took off for a bit and paid a visit to Dj RedEyez who was spinning 80’s beats at The Five.  I love RedEyez, stay tuned, my next post will be about this guy!

We also ran into Carlos Fuerte . We chatted it up then recruited him to come back to Fitzy’s for some dnb.

We returned to Fitzy’s just in time to catch Kru and Colin All Shotz‘s b2b set; both were birthday boys that I just met that night.

More people were there and it was less high school dance-ish. Maybe that was just a 10:30-at-the-bar thing.

Kru didn’t waste any time throwin’ down one of the most wicked birthday sets ever!  Kru started off strong with some rolling dnb, great tunes that I didn’t recognize. My phone was being a jerk so Shazam was unavailable to me for most of the night.

Kru passed it off to Colin All Shotz and he added Culture Shock’s Zeppelin to the birthday dnb journey. Colin is part of Decstar Drum & Bass, they throw some BADASS dnb jams in Toronto. I’m super excited to hit up their party on February 8 at Li’ly with WICKAMAN headlining.

I started dancin’ like I normally do and pretty soon others followed suit. I got this vibe that mostly everyone knew each other.

Kru threw down Lighter by DJ SS that seemed to bring life to the dance floor. I love this song!:

Colin All Shotz was back on and I was really digging what he was playing. Kru was cool, eclectic, not afraid to get funky and old school, but Colin All Shotz was playing newer tunes that I LOVE to jam to. For instance, Hurt You by Chase and Status totally reminds me of WEMF two years ago and some other bangers he played that, again, I couldn’t name because of my lack of Shazam. *shakes fist*

There were a couple mcs on the mic. Scarbred and Majic. A little stand-offish but I seem to have that effect on people.

By this time the hoody came off and I was sweating. I like to measure how much fun I have by how much I sweat, it’s gross but extremely accurate.

Colin All Shotz & KruKru laid down some ragga jungle and a remix of Michael Jackson’s Butterflies. Kru is a brave soul(ful) on the decks 😉 And may I add that he was wearing that 1200 Warriors t-shirt HARD.

Colin All Shotz busted out another Chase and Status favourite; Take Me Away. Good thing the music was super loud so that no one could hear my horrible sing-alonging.

A beautiful blonde girl picked up the mic and sang a great rendition of Happy Birthday to the birthday boys.  I later found out her name is Savvy C aka Caitlyn and she’s looking for MC’in gigs in Toronto!

At 12:15 Slip assumed the position in front of the CDJs. More old school jungle ensued. I think the system was turned up because the inside of my ears were vibrating….which was sort of cool?  Slide then slid in some newer beats like Elevate This Sound which I enjoyed. I like the old school sounds, but as I explained at the beginning of the post… I’m not an old school raver. Slide dropped another dance floor rager and I sweat some more.

Did I mention it was loud? A little too loud, it got to be uncomfortable and I started thinking about how smart those people are that wear earplugs to parties.

PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR IF YOU WANT IT RIGHT NOW“!! Slip was on the new school train too and I was lovin’ every minute of it.

What’s this? Kru is on the mic…and is MCing quite well. Best one of the night I’d say….seemed like he’s done this before….with these same  DJs….interesting 😉

Hey I learned something that night, Majik was on the mic at one point and let out a couple “Whoop Whoop”s. According to Sammie, ‘back in the day’, this meant that the police were at the party.  Hmm! Learning is fun!

Get Dirty was dropped and then it was made clear to all the party patrons that it was the birthdays of  Kru, Colin All Shotz, Slip, Slide and possibly some other people’s too.Slip & Slide It was just one big birthday shit show!

There were quite a bit of people there. Good job Contraband!

Slip dropped Wish You Were Here by High Contrast which is one of my current faves.

I was dancing pretty hard with a couple of other dancers of note in the crowd. This party was definitely a fitness level check!

I had a wicked time raving it down in Barrie. Thanks Sammie J for taking me and taking pics and THANK YOU CONTRABAND AND NO REST FOR THE WICKED for throwing a wicked jam.

The next No Rest for the Wicked  jam is on Friday January 25th featuring Lady Bass, Dar-C, Dj Skip and Dj Dextra. Hit up the No Rest for the Wicked Facebook group to be in the loop!

If anyone has links to soundclouds/mixclouds for  Slip and Slide, Data Bass and Fate please contact me and let me know. Or any other links that you think are missing 🙂

Next time, gadget, NEXT TIME!


PS GOOD NEWS! Kru hooked me up with the live mix of him and Colin All Shotz from this night. Imma listen to it RIGHT NOW!


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