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Review: Zero-Percent Techno’d Li’Ly


Zero-Percent’s SEKTION 1 party was a fucking blast last Friday.

I made my way to the downstairs of Li’ly at College and Beatrice and instantly noticed the vast improvement of the venue’s sound. As I mentioned in the preview post, the world class Dynacord sound system was dropped into the place especially for this party.

There were a comfortable amount of people there. The party wasn’t rammed but it wasn’t sparse either, just the right amount of room to dance.

Replikant was on the decks when I arrived around midnight. His energy was awesome; smiling and bouncing around it looked like Replikant was enjoying himself…and if I recall he was wearing a tie and short sleeved dress shirt…yay for effort in outfits!

As I listened to the danceable techno beats I chatted with Catacomb on the dance floor. As usual I was asking questions…turns out that Replikant came from the house scene in Toronto and played under the name “Kowall“. Now he is converted to straight up techno under his new alias. Hmm…one more person to add to the growing techno army in this city.

Next on was S!KK. He looked familiar to me, but I think we escaped another chance of formally meeting. His beats were a bit grimier than Replikant’s…but to be honest I missed a lot of his set because I was outside smoking/talking to people. I did get my dance on when he was playing though….more good and danceable techno. Just the kind I like…sometimes I get bored on the dance floor at big techno parties where it gets very repetitive. Im trying to remember who I saw at Circa a few years back where I wanted to die, but I forget…damn all those years of drug use!

Dj Catacomb came on and the music took a different turn. You know in the movie Beauty and the Beast, where Belle’s father and the horse, Phillipe, are in the woods and they have a choice to go down the unthreatening path where the sign tells them to go or the dark eerie trail that is scary as fuck? Catacomb took the party deep into the scary woods and banged the shit out of it. At one point, hooligans were yelling some wack shit so Brandon gave the order to turn up the system and the party was taken to the next level. Some people left because they are pussies, but man, lemme tell you, what Catacomb was playing was DARK yet awesome. He played this:

and this…..

After we all survived Dj Catacomb, Pauze came on. He took us out of the dark scary woods and had us dancing to some rich sounding techno. It wasn’t tech-house, but there were some layers and hi-hats that had me groovin’.  What he played was less rigid than what was played most of night but still had bangin’ dark bass lines. Bravo, I’m pretty sure me and my other two dancing buddies were rocking out at the front of the dancefloor his whole set.

And might I say, thank you Alex, for kicking out the weird pervy guy!! woohoo! (not shown above :-P)

It was around 3 and I was a little tired…I wanted to get some sleep before getting up and heading to Cherry for their after party the next day. Although, I just ended up sleeping all day! Wtf! BUT the good news is, Zero-Percent is throwing another Cherry party THIS Saturday….with the Dynacord system! Yessss *fist pump* (I’m bringin’ it back)




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