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NonReview: Sonny Fodera, Mike Gleeson, Rich Hope, GCue – Bounce, Toronto March 30th 2013

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If Bounce threw a weekly jam I wouldn’t need a gym membership. Sonny Fodera, Mike Gleeson, Rich Hope and GCue sent my ass home from that party salty. Yeah, this might be a lil raw, it’s 6:20 am and I’m freshly salted from the best way anyone can ring in Easter. Do people ring in Easter? Whatever, we did it.

The reason why I am calling this a nonreview (its not supposed to be hyphenated, see, I looked it up) is because I made the decision a few tracks after arriving that this party will be waaaayyyyyyy too awesome to concentrate on taking all the necessary notes, pics and Shazams to construct a proper review. I just wanted to let loose and vibe it up, and that I did, but THAT WAS SUCH AN AWESOME PARTY, the internet needs to know and I’m tellin’ it!

I arrived shortly after 11:00pm and Gcue was opening. I love me some GCue, every time he spins he serves the right kinda beats at the right time. He was playing some wicked bumpy house, that wasn’t too hard with the right amount of lighter stuff….y’know why…because GCue knows how to open a party. He also knows how to rock a joint a prime time too, I’ve seen it. and I’m rambling…there will be lots of this.  I’m kinda wired.

My phone was dieing, which was another sign not to be wasting my time looking at it, but I managed to instagram it up for a bit.

There is this concrete section of the dance floor directly in front of the dj booth and when I first came in no one was on it. I ain’t afraid of no hot lava.

There were quite a few peoplewhen I got there. These people know whats up.

GCue was heating up and ditched his hat. Yessir.

I was pleased that the usual familiar peeps were there. So nice to see everyone.

Rich Hope took over beat throwin’ duties and picked up where GCue left off…on the up slope! Rich sent quality bumpin’ jackin’ and deep house through the system and I gotta say, I was imfuckinpressed. This guy is so diverse and I love him for it. He also is on the super deep/nudisco tip, like Sleazebot, his musical partnership with Jeff Button, for example.

I did manage to get a Shazam in before my phone died: The Way Ya Do It by The Rustle.  Go Rich, Go!

And out of habit, I just looked at my phone for notes on what to write about next…. 😛

By this time I had quite the sweat going on…and made some new friends at the front of the dance floor.  One kind gentleman was sprinkling his water all around on the floor – THANK YOU! It was funny watching some people be like wtf is he doing, what he is doing is making it easier for our inner Michael Jacksons to come out!

Place was pretty rammed now, the real estate at the front of the dance floor was a little stressful to maintain, but totally worth it.

I didn’t mind lining up for the bathroom so much because I was either chatting it up or dancing, or both, in a cooler environment. And it gave me opportunity to sneak in a stretch, cuz damn, spin class ain’t got shit on a Bounce jam.

Rich totally nailed it.

Here’s his promo set, for your listening pleasures.

Sonny was in the house and I managed to say hi so he could put a face to a name..he was kind enough to let me interview him last week.

House music celeb gossip: Sonny Fodera has long(er) hair.  #nobodycares …. or do they… ya I’m tired…and wired…that rhymes.

Sonny’s turn to vibrate the room full of sweaty partiers came around.  The crowd made some extra cheers and hollers…because the crowd was also giving GCue and Rich mad vocal support.

House music, house music, house music, unf unf unf unf, Sonny was playing everything from deep, to disco-y, to jackin’.  It was an awesome journey.  I like sets that play bangers all the way through, but I LOVE sets that take me on a muti-sub genre adventure. That way I don’t wreck myself on the dance floor…because I will do it if you let me.

That being said, all the djs that played last night/this morning were all on the journey vibe.

Some tunes from Moving Forward were dropped, OF COURSE. I strongly suggest taking a listen to it, it you haven’t already.

I can’t really get into specifics right now, as far as tracks go, because my brain is starting to shut down.

Most of the party I was meditating at the front of the dance floor.

And I am experiencing ghost ears right now *touches top of head*.

Beats, beats, beats and then Mike Gleeson proceeded to share the decks with Sonny for the last while. I can’t think of a better qualified dj.

Mike dropped some serious tracks, and thankfully there was more room to dance so I was able to express my appreciation more thoroughly.

Awesome, just awesome.

OK, my brain is wanting to sleep, but I had to get this out before I went to sleep because if I waited, then who knows when I’d get the chance to type this out, and plus, I have the perfect excuse for this post to be a lil sketched out. *eye twitches* and totally lazy. I’ll prolly put in pics later.

K imma get emo, thank you everyone for being so fucking awesome.  This party was just what the doctor ordered after three weeks of being a stay-at-home nerd.

Happy Easter,


ps. I apologize for the condition of my party calendar. That will be remedied in the next couple days. xx

and pics on my instagram: missheatherwilliams