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Busiest Big Hooters in Toronto: The NightOwls

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The Nightowls, aka, Mark Beshai and Jeff Webb haven’t been getting much sleep lately.┬áToronto is hearing and seeing more and more of these DJs/producers with every gig played and tune signed. Since the last time I wrote about The Nightowls, when they were celebrating their first released EP in July,[…]

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Review: Yaiza Records Showcase @ Our House


Yaiza Records, a tech-house record label based in Spain, has quite the crew of dj/producers in Toronto (and area). On Friday September 14, they had a ‘lil shin-digg at Our House to showcase their talents. This was a no-brainer to go to, seeing as I am a supporter of The[…]

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HOOOO? The NightOwls!


Lookout all you small rodents of the evening, The NightOwls are out! Pilot Light (Jeff Webb) and Mark Beshai are a producing and dj’ing duo from Toronto that not only have founded the genre of ‘goonhouse’ but also have a badass gang sign. (seen below) I heard The NightOwls play[…]

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