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Toronto EDM Parties…Burning Man Style!


House of Dust (HOD), a Burning Man theme camp, is bringing love from the playa into EDM party venues in Toronto – and not just for burners!

Toronto EDM, meet Burning Man *handshake*…. Burning Man, meet Toronto EDM *HUG*

A fresh perspective on ‘burner parties‘ in Toronto, House of Dust is bringing new emphasis to radical inclusion.

As a House of Dust member, I’ve been let in on what’s to come raving it down Burning Man-esque. Music for dancing, encouragement of gifting, dressing up, free food, Yerba Mate tea (when venue permits) and inviting ALL to come, burners and non-burners alike. Tell your friends, their silly hat collection is not a lost cause after all.

Have you been curious about Burning Man culture? Do you love playing dress-up with your novelty clothing items of choice? Do you like to DANCE?  Are you in for something new? Or maybe you are part of the large population of Toronto burners that haven’t been out to play with other burners very much in the past….either way, I strongly recommend joining in on HOD fun. YOU ARE INVITED.

If you’re new to all of this I’m sure you have questions. Let’s answer them, shall we?

GIFTING? WTF is that?

On the playa, gifting is for fun but also to express care for one another, like feeding your neighbors or hooking up a thirsty burner with a drink on a trek. Its actually the basis of the Burning Man economy. Off the playa gifting is just as fun…some people bring physical objects to give to people like lighters, bracelets, glowies  etc…but gifting can also be time, helping out, sharing awesome dance moves…contributing to the overall vibe! HOD will be providing some gifts to guests like free food and yerba mate tea to make you dance a lil harder! If you are new and don’t really know what  is up with this then just come out – that is the best gift of all.

Dressing up? Do I have to bust out my Halloween costume?

Only if you want to! If Batman is the true extension of your personality have at ‘er! Usually people opt for their favorite silly hat and other statement making pieces to make outfits that are oozing with self expression. See, at Burning Man, people wear WHATEVER THEY WANT, sometimes nothing, but this is Canada, don’t freeze your bits off.  If you aren’t sure, come as your normal self and wear your beautiful soul. Note* HOD gives reduced cover at some parties to those who dress up in some way!

Music you say? What kind of Music?

At Burning Man there are loads of music in every direction and in myriad genres. Most of it is a barrel of monkeys to dance to! HOD is dedicated to bringing more dancing to the Toronto burner scene. Drum and bass, breaks, techno, house and even a little dubstep fills the earholes of HOD partiers. Varying in sizes, every party is a rave down to a variety of wicked music. Also, HOD is careful to select good energy djs that a)aren’t just burners and b)will make you wanna dance!

Radical inclusion? Please, tell me more.

You do not have to be a burner or part of any ‘crowd’ to enjoy HOD party time. Anyone with an open mind and a smile is welcome. Radical inclusion is the first of Burning Man principles and it, along with other applicable principles, officially apply to these jams!

Alright! Where can I get info on these parties??

Easy. Stay tuned to, and Facebook Page, visit and like the House of Dust Facebook page, and keep up with the House of Dust blog.

There are three wicked parties coming in December 2012!!



Details for the other two December jams are coming soon!

Past House of Dust parties this year have been a success…as far as having a wicked time is concerned!

Before Burning Man 2012: A Beautiful Weekend

At Burning Man: Thursday Night on the Playa

After Burning Man: Toronto After-Burn – Bling and Blink, House of Dust Orhpan Thanksgiving


To fun fur, or not to fun fur….that is the question!













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