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Tuesday night in Toronto…Party, Anyone?

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Finding a party in Toronto shouldn’t be hard…even on a Tuesday night! On Tuesday, July3rd one of my best friends Ben was still in town and he hadn’t had his fill of EDM party time yet. The Bahamas isn’t exactly full of parties outside of tourist traps and local reggae bands.

I knew that 721 Queen had a party going on Tuesdays, but they didn’t open until 2am…technically Wednesday morning. So where the hell do we go on a Tuesday to fill the time before 721?

I asked around what was up on a Tuesday night and I was directed to TOTA lounge. After some poking around on the internet I discovered theres a Deep Kiss Tuesdays party thrown there every week by Ella D and Augustus…more Djs I have never heard of…this was going to be another educational evening!

We headed over to Queen and Bathurst and arrived at TOTA at around midnight. I didn’t catch her name but the Dj was laying down some great deep house on the techier side. Ben and I populated the empty dance floor and showed our love with dance moves.

It wasn’t long after that a pair of dudes took over the deck. Their genre was unique from what I normally listen to. Ben and I were trying to figure out what the fuck it was. It was super upbeat,fast moving tech-house. Kinda bouncy and a little obnoxious.

I went out for a smoke and started chatting with one of the djs responsible for this genre-bending music. Jeff Webb proudly told me that they coined this genreĀ  “Goonhouse” as recently as that day. The goonhouse spinning duo is called The Night Owls. As their set wrapped up, Jeff introduced me to his co-Night Owl Mark. An educational evening indeed.

Ella D and Augustus came on as the closers. Unfortunately the place was mostly empty the whole time we were there. They took turns playing popular deep house tracks. Ben and I worked it out a bit more then decided to take ourselves down the street to 721

We climbed down the stairs into the fate of the rest of our night. No ins and outs and $10 cover. Our friend GCue was playing, as he does every Tuesday night at W, but this time it was his Birthday! Fun!

721 is an after hours. What can I say? Gcue layed down good house beats, people were drinking and carrying on in a sinful fashion and the bathrooms were over-occupied with people doing God-knows-what.

It was a fun couple hours. Not a place I usually hit since I stopped drinking and doing drugs, but it was cool to show Ben the dark corners on Toronto’s party scene.

Aight, I’m out.

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