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Vancouver vs Toronto Party Scenes: 5 Differences

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Ive been partying in Torontos underground house music and drum and bass scene for over 10 years, but since moving out West to Vancouver a month ago, Ive come across some differences between the electronic music scene here and there.

1)West Coast Welcome: It’s been a shocker, moving from such a big city to a city a third of the size, trying to get to know WHERE the parties are, let alone meeting new people to party with. Promoters are all too happy to get to know me/meet up for tickets and there are lots of costumes and hugging that go down at these jams.  The scene is smaller, but this makes it easier to get to know everyone.

2)What’s a Weeknight? I attended the Hospitality event at Venue on Wednesday, March 19 and surely wasn’t disappointed. The tunes were bumping and the place was packed from right when I got there around 11:30pm. Yes, on a Wednesday!

3)Bassier:  The locals here have a knack for playing a bassier sound and when I say that, I compare them to Toronto’s drum and bass locals who veer towards jump up. That is not the norm here in Van!

4)GeneroCITY: I hit up a jam at Redroom on Saturday March 8th feat. Drumsound and Bassline Smith.  Someone gave me a free ticket to an upcoming party and I got a chance to chat with Ben (Drumsound) as he hopped off the stage to give fans shots of Grey Goose. I didn’t get to see much of this in Toronto unless I had been in the “VIP” area.  PLUR is in full effect here in Van!

5)Chicks are hotter: Sorry, they just are.

Partying in Van? Be sure to check out Blue Print Events –  They hosted the Hospitality party with the SHAHdjs and have been nothing but welcoming and pure good vibes. I’m stoked to check out Art Department tomorrow night. Let’s see how Vancity welcomes Toronto love!

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Kat Ris