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Why WEMF is Better Than Christmas

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For me, WEMF beats the shit outta Christmas.

There is enough pre-WEMF coverage out there…so I’m just going to write THIS.

At the risk of sounding like a total douche bag, I’m going to list why WEMF is better than Christmas….for me, anyway.

1) I lose weight instead of gain weight.

2) I get to choose the company I enjoy the event with. While there may be annoying raver kids, and drunk guys trying to get laid, I can at least make fun of them without getting in shit from my parents.

3) I don’t have to buy anyone presents they probably won’t like. I can give the gift of my dancing SKILLZ.

4) I don’t have to pretend I like presents that people give me…because no one will be giving me any, unless I get a back rub, or a gatorade,….which I will like.

5) Paper hats out of Christmas crackers would disintegrate in seconds, at such a party, thus not lasting long enough for photos in said hats.

6) The weather is warmer, allowing for me to be more scantily clad….in attire way to exciting, and not appropriate, for Christmas.

7) I don’t have to attend a party with my co-workers…unless they are ravers.

8) There are famous and talented Djs/Producers performing at WEMF, whereas the Tony Bennett Christmas Album is nowhere in earshot.

9) I GET TO DANCE n rinse out n such. I spend my Holiday season in Kentville, NS….there is none of that going down there unless we hit the legion party….which could be fun in a lets-get-drunk-and-dance-to-country sort of way :-/ (because Legends burned down and KAPS and DOOLY’s are lame now)

10) Lights at Wemf > Lights on a Christmas Tree

IM SO EXCITED! I’ll see you in Algonquin! (or not)

Ps…I have a ticket for sale for $240, hit me up on my facebook if you want it.