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Woa! Techhouse/Jackin’house Jam this Friday!

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Techno and the Bunnymen V.2

I gotta say, I am sooo glad I started this blog. Since I have been scowering the Toronto EDM landscape for events to list on my party calendar , I have been discovering some real gems. This Friday will be the second installment of Techno and the Bunnymen’s parties featuring techhouse and jackin’house beats at Jun Jun Bar at College and Bathurst.

This Friday, June 15, Boots Boogie, Milo, Hardeep Riot, Morgan Freeman and E.R.A will be playing. I wish I was around this Friday to check out this new night, but the good news for me (and you) is that it will be happening every other Friday! That’s awesome.

Hardeep, what the hell! I met you at two parties now and you didn’t mention you Dj’d…and such a wicked genre too!

I’m lovin’ this set I picked up off the Facebook Event page:

Also, Boots Boogie has a mix out with an impressive track list that is jackin’ all over the place. Check out his soundcloud.

And Hardeep! Put some shit on your soundcloud so I can spread the love mmmkay?

Alright, now that’s two parties I wish I could hit up Friday. :-/ Good thing Toronto is always happenin’.