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Zero-Percent Chance I Will Miss This Techno Party

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I never miss these jams actually, Zero-Percent throw the best underground techno parties in Toronto….imo.

SEKTION 1., Friday July 27, will be an awesome party for all the techno heads if it is anything like Zero-Percent’s shin-digs in the past. I always have a good time and that is why I try to make it to EVERY SINGLE ONE. No, really, I do, it kind of creeps them out I think 😛

Zero-Percent’s new “SEKTION” series are parties that focus on quality, not quantity. Great sound in an intimate space for a limited amount of people is what it’s all about. Read more about Zero-Percent’s different party styles.

The venue, this time around, is the well-known party basement on College st, Li’ly. Before you decide to stop reading because the sound system sucks there, stick with me! Zero-Percent is replacing the sound system for the night with an off-tha-chain Dynacord sound system that is described best as “butter in your ears”.

Brandon, one of Zero-Percent’s managing partners is such a stickler about sound quality that I have asked him to write a guest post/rant about the subject, so keep checking back for it!

OK, so about the Music….I am a loyal follower of Dj Pauze. Original into hard-as-nails techno, like what goes down in Brazil, he has diversified his sound over the past few years and can wear a couple different genre hats. Sometimes he plays more of a tech-house feel and other times he plays along the harder edge of techno. Pauze lays it down all over Toronto like at Footwork, Comfort Zone and every single Zero-Percent party. Here is a set for suggested listening to see what to expect from him tomorrow night:

There is a string of another 6 Djs to play tomorrow night….holy shit, I guess this party really will go til 5am! Iron Mike, Catacomb, S!KK, Replikant, Stephanie Jax and Ronald Gourlay will all be gracing the decks.

I’m already thinking about what sneakers to bust out for this!

SEKTION 1. Event Link


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